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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

TEABAG part 31

Chatteris warned the others, who had just about finished laughing.
“What?” shouted Arthur, “quick let’s be off.”
“B..but,” butted Sid, “the kettle hasn’t boiled yet!”
“Never mind that now Colour Sergeant, we must get back to the airship in case we get captured.” He started through the door towards Robo Sid who was starting to ascend the steps.
The last up the steps was Robo Arthur who was guarding the rear. Chatteris was running as fast as he could across the courtyard to the airship. The others were too far behind. Just far enough so that they could be surrounded by a force that was far too big to have been assembled so soon.
“Oh no,” exclaimed Arthur, “it looks like we’re going to have a big battle scene for the next chapter!”


Sixty. That is the number of guards that surrounded Arthur and his main party in the courtyard of the Tower of Tarrelo. Ruhtra slurped away, into a drain. Initially there was a stand off as the captain of the guard called for them to, “Lay down your arms and surrender.”
Gunby looked at Arthur to see what they were going to do. He held on tightly to his hipped Hotchkiss cannon, finger on the trigger.
“Have you got an itchy trigger finger?” Tresham asked him.
“No, I’ve been using that cream,” he replied.
Robo Sid and Robo Arthur detached their arms and let them fall on the floor.
“Fools,” derided Sid when he saw what they were doing.
Seeing that it was probably useless Arthur ordered, “Right men, surrender.”
“Sorry, do you want us to surrender?” asked the captain of the guard.
This stunned Arthur, “Er, why yes!”
Then the king of Andacia turned up, “Now then, what is happening here?”
The captain bowed deferentially to the king, “Your highness, I did not know you were visiting the Tower.”
“Snap visit my man, just testing your security arrangements. These are my men pretending to be British soldiers.”
“But your highness, they have been in the strong room.”
“Yes I know, it wasn’t very strong, was it.”
The captain looked very confused, “Um...”
The king snapped at him again, “Well come on, we must be off, I have a country to invade.”
The captain moved aside, allowing Arthur and the others to pass. The king led them back towards the airship.
Robo Sid and Robo Arthur didn’t know what to do, they couldn’t pick up their arms because, well, they didn’t have any arms. They looked desperately at each other.
Two of the nearest guards picked up the arms.
“Here, plug it in here,” gestured Robo Sid with his head pointing towards his right shoulder socket.
A guard plugged an arm in.
“You’ve plugged the left arm in, give me another left arm.”
“Now hang on there,” moaned Robo Arthur, “that’ll be one of my left arms.”
“I know, we’ll sort it out later, on the ship. Unless I have at least one right arm...”
“They’re both left arms.”

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