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Sunday, 7 December 2014

TEABAG part 7


"Now is the winter of our disco tent," cried the Richard the III steam powered android as he goaded his tea pirate crew to swing across the chasm between both airships to board the Talent.
"What!" grumbled Arthur, "a Richard III android from the Sanctum steampunk museum leading an army of metal men tea pirates."
"Yup," yupped Sid, "sounds like the Author wants to make it into a computer game of some kind. Us lot against metal men instead of Zulus."
"Do you think it'll work?"
"I don't know, ask him."
But Arthur did not want to ask me anything. So instead he shouted some orders at his men, "Repel boarders, batten down the hatches, fire in the hold…"
"Do you have to use clichés so flippantly?" queried the short colour sergeant who was really a dwarf, well, a dwarf clone anyway.
"GUNBY," shouted the colonel as he chided the half giant into action.
Having no time to hip his Hotchkiss cannon Gunby picked up a fallen mast and started to use it like a baseball/rounders bat to swat the metal men away like giant flies.
“Let me have a couple of ‘em,” said Sid as he tried to get into the action.
The Talent started to sway from side to side as first a metal man landed on the deck then Both Gunby and Sid ran to get him. Chatteris found it quite difficult to keep her upright, “Can’t you just shoot them before they get aboard? I’m having trouble keeping her steady.” But as he said this the Talent turned onto its side and the whole crew and the two metal men who were still aboard grabbed onto railings and anything else that was attached to the ship.
A couple more metal men leapt onto the sideways airship which pulled it upright again however they were unable to keep their balance and fell into the sea.

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