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Saturday, 20 December 2014

TEABAG part 20

“Ahh, so I did,” he thought a little, “will that plan work though, won’t they see us?”
“I could turn into a cloud,” suggested Ruhtra.
“Can you do that?” asked Arthur.
“Well, I haven’t tried it before but I have heard stories of the grand mystic masters on Zathan doing it.”
“Shouldn’t you see if you can do it before we begin? You know, practice a little first?”
Shapechanging the shapechanger tried to turn himself in to a cloud but only managed a wisp of smoke.
“You mist,” punned Sid.
“No I didn’t!”
“Mist as in the cloud formation not missed as in the point.”
“Oo, I’ll try again,” he puffed up his cheeks and closed his eyes then, poof!
The dwarfish small man looked around, “Where’s he gone?”
A fine mist started to gather around the airship until it turned into a cloud.
“By flubble, he’s done it,” remarked Arthur. He turned round, “Quick then everyone, shimmy back up the ropes.”
So they all shimmied back up.

The Talent now hovered down into the courtyard. The Ruhtra cloud was so big that one of the enemy guards it covered thought it was fast falling fog and so went in for a quick fag.
“Thanks Ruhtra old boy,” thanked the colonel, “you’ve done a good job.”
But Ruhtra said nothing in return
“Maybe he’s misting?” suggested Tresham as he started to disembark.
Arthur thought about the comment then, after all but Chatteris had got off, he ordered the helmsman to hide the airship in some nearby trees and, “...join us at the earliest opportunity.”  He then led his men, and others, into the main body of the Tower, through the door the missing guard had left open.

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