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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

TEABAG part 31

Chatteris warned the others, who had just about finished laughing.
“What?” shouted Arthur, “quick let’s be off.”
“B..but,” butted Sid, “the kettle hasn’t boiled yet!”
“Never mind that now Colour Sergeant, we must get back to the airship in case we get captured.” He started through the door towards Robo Sid who was starting to ascend the steps.
The last up the steps was Robo Arthur who was guarding the rear. Chatteris was running as fast as he could across the courtyard to the airship. The others were too far behind. Just far enough so that they could be surrounded by a force that was far too big to have been assembled so soon.
“Oh no,” exclaimed Arthur, “it looks like we’re going to have a big battle scene for the next chapter!”


Sixty. That is the number of guards that surrounded Arthur and his main party in the courtyard of the Tower of Tarrelo. Ruhtra slurped away, into a drain. Initially there was a stand off as the captain of the guard called for them to, “Lay down your arms and surrender.”
Gunby looked at Arthur to see what they were going to do. He held on tightly to his hipped Hotchkiss cannon, finger on the trigger.
“Have you got an itchy trigger finger?” Tresham asked him.
“No, I’ve been using that cream,” he replied.
Robo Sid and Robo Arthur detached their arms and let them fall on the floor.
“Fools,” derided Sid when he saw what they were doing.
Seeing that it was probably useless Arthur ordered, “Right men, surrender.”
“Sorry, do you want us to surrender?” asked the captain of the guard.
This stunned Arthur, “Er, why yes!”
Then the king of Andacia turned up, “Now then, what is happening here?”
The captain bowed deferentially to the king, “Your highness, I did not know you were visiting the Tower.”
“Snap visit my man, just testing your security arrangements. These are my men pretending to be British soldiers.”
“But your highness, they have been in the strong room.”
“Yes I know, it wasn’t very strong, was it.”
The captain looked very confused, “Um...”
The king snapped at him again, “Well come on, we must be off, I have a country to invade.”
The captain moved aside, allowing Arthur and the others to pass. The king led them back towards the airship.
Robo Sid and Robo Arthur didn’t know what to do, they couldn’t pick up their arms because, well, they didn’t have any arms. They looked desperately at each other.
Two of the nearest guards picked up the arms.
“Here, plug it in here,” gestured Robo Sid with his head pointing towards his right shoulder socket.
A guard plugged an arm in.
“You’ve plugged the left arm in, give me another left arm.”
“Now hang on there,” moaned Robo Arthur, “that’ll be one of my left arms.”
“I know, we’ll sort it out later, on the ship. Unless I have at least one right arm...”
“They’re both left arms.”

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

TEABAG part 30

To recap. So, Sid is no longer daydreaming, but making the tea. Gunby should be going through the code book with Plattington. Chatteris is guarding the door. Tresham is guarding the other door (the new one that is now available because the electric shield is down.) Arthur starts looking at the other things in the room. Robo Sid, Robo Arthur and Ruhtra are having a game of paper, scissors, rock, lizard, Spock to see who will wind Arthur up next.
“This looks like a Modigliani,” mused Arthur as he looked at a painting that was also stored in the same room as the code book.
Ruhtra won the game and so he took the form of a statue, the Venus de Milo.
“Do you believe that,” asked the colonel as he saw the statue, “they have a copy of the Venus de Milo.” He looked away for a second to see if anyone was listening to him. Ruhtra made a funny face at him, Robo Sid and Robo Arthur saw this and began to do their robotic giggles. Arthur looked back at the statue, everything seemed normal.
Sid could see what was happening also and decided to join in. “Why would they have a copy of the Venus de Milo? Surely it’s the real one and the one on earth is the fake.”
So Arthur peered deeply into the statue’s eyes.
Ruhtra couldn’t keep the ruse up and spat a goggle of Zathanian fluids into Arthur’ s wide open eye.
“Yaargh!” screamed Arthur and flew into a rage while everyone else guffawed with laughter.
From the doorway Chatteris laughed but from the corner of his eye he saw a shadow.
He looked up to the top of the steps to see two guards there looking down at the open door. Hiding in the doorway he looked at the others who were still laughing, he started waving at them to be quiet. It was impossible, so he started to hiss loudly. Robo Sid came over, “Are you a snake or something?”
“Someone’s coming,” he said anxiously.
As per the real Sid, Robo Sid was up for a fight, so he stepped out and met one of the guards as he was getting near the bottom of the steps.
“What are you?” asked the guard, quite confused at a metal man coming towards him.
“A metal man with Sid the dwarf’s AI in its brain.”
“Uh?” uhed the guard just before Robo Sid shocked him into unconsciousness with a stun attachment to one of his fingers that I just made up.
“I didn’t know I had that,” said Robo Sid as he looked at his finger, “I was going to bash him one.”
The other guard started to run for help. Holding up his arm Robo Sid looked as though he was going to shoot something from his other hand, but nothing happened. “I thought you were going to help me out with something there Author.”

Monday, 29 December 2014

TEABAG part 29

“Well, I could be boating with my wife on the river.”
“No, you don’t have a wife.”
“I could meet my wife, on the river bank.”
“Do you have anyone in mind?”
“Well no, not really, I’ve only been around for 6 months, and I think I’ve only seen one woman in that time?”
“Who was that?”
“The blue receptionist in the Tulox cloning factory?”
“You mean she was sad?”
“No, you know, she had blue skin.”
“So would you like a blue skinned wife then?”
“Would that mean we had light blue babies then?”
“Light blue hairy babies probably.”
“That would be a nightmare.”
“Well a nightmare is still a type of dream.”
“So am I really going to get a blue wife then?”
“No, just day dream it for now, and we’ll sort you out a wife after the adventure.”
“The real one doesn’t have to be blue does she?”
“Of course not.”
“Good, if it’s possible I’d like a green one, like the Orion animal women on Star Trek the Original series.”
“I thought you said you’d only seen one woman?”
“One real one.”
“Oh, well go on then, get daydreaming.

So Sid fell into a deep daydream, if there is such a thing, where he was snoozing in the arms of a green dwarf woman...
“She doesn’t have a beard does she?” he inquired, part way through the daydream.
“Erm, I’ll say no. We’ll pretend that green dwarf women don’t have beards, a bit like American Indian men.”
“Good, “ daydream snoozed Sid, “I don’t like women who shave, even though I’ve only met one before.”
Anyway, back to the description, they canoodled in a canoe like two Canucks playing Cadoo.
“What is your name my love?” he asked his daydreamed date.
“Arthur,” she said.
Which shocked him out of his daydream. He had actually fallen asleep and was grabbing Arthur around the waist and really asked the colonel, “What is your name my love?” he quickly separated himself from Arthur.
“Daydreaming Colour Sergeant?” asked his commanding officer.
“Yes Sir, about my new green wife.”
“Green you say? What, green like Green Eggs and Ham or green like the Jolly Green Giant.”
“No, like She Hulk.”
“Oh, I see. Because of your slobbishness you can make the tea, help us all think you see.”

Sunday, 28 December 2014

TEABAG part 28

“Well it is in code,” explained Tresham, who was defending his friend, “So maybe you have to skip some of the letters or words, based on a number or group of numbers.”
“A skip code?”
“I know a skip code,” smiled Sid. “I saw a man eat biscuits,
He ate them off the floor,
He covered them in Kerosene,
And sucked them off the floor,
His name was Ooh Aaah Flibbity,
Gibbet Gingivitis Tom,
Scumble Doody Flooby Doo,
And his middle name was John.”

“That’s not a skip code,” derided Arthur, “it’s a skipping rhyme.”
“But wouldn’t it be funny, “he thought, “if that was the cryptographic key] ?”
Arthur gave the book to Gunby, “Try it.”
Gunby was nonplussed because he didn’t understand what his commanding officer was talking about.
Seeing the half giant’s confusion Arthur tried to explain, “What you need to do is say the rhyme, in Hoo, and see if the metre or words match up with the words of the recipe.”
“I don’t understand what you mean, and I don’t know the rhyme off by heart. Do you expect me to be a code breaker within a couple of minutes or something?”
Sid interrupted, “He could compliment the Author, like the real Sid and Arthur do, to be able to break it?”
This was not to Arthur’s taste so he decided, “No, we’ll try to break it ourselves, and nobody tries to sneakily compliment the Author, that’s an order!” He looked at Gunby, “Read us the recipe.”
Beginning to read the half giant began, “A flub and a flue of flour…”
“Arthur interrupted, “A flub and a flue?”
“About a cup and ¾. Then it goes on to say a tang of water… which is around 7-8 oz of water.”
“Good,” he then spoke to Plattington, “You write this down.”
“In flubs and flues or in cups and ounces?” asked the corporal/bombardier.
Sid mimicked him quietly, “In clubs and queues, where the big man bounces.”
“Both!” wanted Arthur.
“Well Gunby’ll have to go a bit slower then,” asked Plattington.
The colonel nodded at Gunby to slow down.
“And read it again so’s I can get it down.”
Gunby looked at Plattington, then the code book. “A… flub… and… flue… of… flour… of… flour…” He glanced down at Plattington to see him writing it down with his notepad.
(How can we get through this without being too boring but also funny?)
Sid heard my thought and spoke to me, “I could do a funny routine and by the time it’s finished they could be finished.”
“But it should really be linked to the bread recipe etc.”
“I can do a few code puns.”
“Or you could have a daydream sequence, that’s also a bit surreal.”
“What kind of dream sequence?”
“On a river?”
“So, do I have a wife, like the real Sid?”
“What difference does that make to the dream?”

Saturday, 27 December 2014

TEABAG part 27

“Just say the funny suggestion that will work without breaking the 4th wall too much.”
“Can I break it a little?”
“Lift up the skirting board and make the mouse hole big enough to get through.”
“Doesn’t the mouse hole also have the shield going through it?”
“No it’s shielded if you look,” said Sid while he held up the skirting board a little, “the mice can get straight through.”
“Well then,” interrupted Ruhtra as he stepped towards them and made himself into a mouse, “let me oblige.” (Though the last bit was a squeak because he was so small.)
As Ruhtra went through the mouse hole Sid jibed at him, “Make sure Mr and Mrs mouse don’t get you,” he smirked.
As soon as he had got to the other side he turned himself back into the copy of Arthur and strode towards the electric switch to switch it off. He then turned to the others and smiled, “If I had known it was going to be that easy I wouldn’t have needed you lot at all.”
After the initial kerfuffle of Arthur staring out Ruhtra a bit they all noticed, in the centre of the room, on a podium, the code book.
“Don’t say this is going to be like the Indiana Jones type thing?” moaned Sid.
Arthur looked at him, “You mean the snakes on a plane?”
“Noooo, the filling a bag with sand and replacing the golden idol with it.”
Looking around Arthur commented, “I don’t see any holes in the walls where the poison darts could shoot out?”
Ruhtra just grabbed the code book.
Arthur screamed a, “No,” but nothing occurred to the shapechanger.
As he looked at it Ruhtra commented, “It’s all gobbledegook to me.”
“The goblin from the old White Dwarf magazines?” asked Robo Sid.
But nobody else cared to try to outpun him.
“Outrun?” said my spell checker before I changed it back to outpun.
“Give it here,” demanded Arthur of Ruhtra. When the shapechanger had complied the colonel flicked through it, it was empty. He looked up, “There’s nothing in it, it’s empty!”
Sid knocked Ruhtra on the shoulder, “Go on, give it to him.”
Sneering at Sid the Zathanian complied.
Arthur was now holding two code books, “What’s this then?”
“A joke?” weaselled Ruhtra, as one of the code books gradually started to slurp back into his body.
The shaking of Arthur’s head showed his contempt, but as he looked at this code book at least he saw there was something written in it.
“Who reads Hoo?”
“No Hoo.”
“I read a bit,” said Gunby, “my Ma, well, the real Gunby’s mother taught him/me and I sort of have a little of it still ingrained in me.”
“Can you read it?”
“Let’s see,” he scanned the first page, “it’s a recipe for bread.”
“What!” went ballistic Arthur, “we’ve been on this hairbrained mission, nearly got killed by tea pirates and Andacians all for a bread recipe?”

Friday, 26 December 2014

TEABAG part 26


“This is where I’ll leave you,” said Gloin, “I’m not equipped for a steampunk battle?”
“What do you know that I don’t know?” asked Arthur.
“The Author.”
“Well thanks for your help Gloin. Maybe I’ll see you back at the fantasy dimension sometime.”
The dwarf policeman waved as he started back up the steps.
As Ruhtra looked into the passageway beyond he noted, “There’s an electric barrier, so they were prepared for a shape changer.”
“They might have just been prepared for thieves,” commented Sid.
“Or that.” He sat down on a nearby chair.
“What are you doing?” exclaimed Arthur.
“I’m useless until you get rid of the electric shield, so I’ll wait here.”
“Lazy slob,” insulted Sid.
“Or lazy blob,” said Robo Sid, “especially when he’s in his fruit bowl.”
Sid kind of opened his mouth but nothing came out.
“Never mind trying to outdo Robo Sid with the quips,” urged the colonel, “we need the electric shield down. It’ll kill us as well as Ruhtra.”
“As long as the switch was no further away than the length of my arm then I could switch it off without it harming me,” offered Robo Arthur.
“Can either of you two see where the switch is through the electric shield?” Arthur asked the Robos.
“Another couple of letters and you could have asked the rooibos,” tweeted Sid.
“Get it together Sid,” ordered Arthur, “stop talking about South African tea and do something useful.”
“What like?”
“Get the others to throw a defensive perimeter around us.”
“There’s one exit, the door. We need one man guarding that.”
“Look I don’t know, just make yourself useful.”
So Sid ordered Chatteris to guard the door while Robo Sid and Arthur looked for the switch in the room beyond.
“It’s there,” spotted Robo Arthur of the electric switch.
“Are you sure it’s not just the light switch?” asked Robo Sid.
“Either way we cannot reach it with our short arms.”
“They’re not that short,” grumped Robo Sid as he waved his not too short arms around, and hit Gunby on the Foreign Service Helmet.
Gunby looked angry, “If you need that arm ripping off, just let me know!”
Robo Sid stood up to his full height, as Gunby did.
“Have you found it yet?” asked Arthur of Robo Sid, to stop the posturing.
Robo Sid backed down from his encounter with the half giant, “Yes,” he told the colonel, “but it’s too far away for our arms.”
“How are we going to switch it off.” fretted Arthur while pulling his beard a little.
“We could break the 4th wall?” suggested Sid.
“We could go around the cameramen, bypass the special effects creating the electric shield and switch it off.”
Arthur looked really perturbed, “What?” he babbled again. “No, no, no, let’s try for a more sensible suggestion first.”
“But funny?” queried Sid.
“Well of course funny, you fool.”
“So you know you’re a fool?”
“I thought you did too?”

Thursday, 25 December 2014

TEABAG part 25

The dwarf looked a little bemused, “Arthur said I can pun with you.”
“About what?”
“Lock picking.”
“I have a little difficulty with puns, different culture and all that.”
“You just be the straight man then.”
“Can I be the straight man while glooping down the steps.”
“Then I’ll be a fluid straight man.” He wobbled around a bit to try to make it funnier.
“Just pretend to be Arthur.”
“With all his pomposity?”
Sid had to bite his tongue, for he knew that Ruhtra was twice as pompous as Arthur was. “Yes,” he hissed slightly.
“Well go on then, pun away.”
“Your face when I pull this face?” (He pulled a funny face.)
“A pic-ture?”
“I’m supposed to have the punch line!”
“Well I’ll have to ask you the questions then, where’s the script?”
“There isn’t one, only an old tablet box that the Author scribbled on.”
“Well show me that then.” When Sid had showed him he asked, “Actor who played ‘King’ Kong in Dr Strangelove?”
“Slim Pick-ens.”
“The thing he used on his guitar?”
“A pick?”
“Something that I had dropped on the floor I have…?”
“Picked up?”
“Something the REAL Sid used to bash people over the head with?”
Sid was getting angrier, “A pick axe handle. Now if you don’t give me a better lead in you’ll be in a pick, a PICK-LE!”
“I say old chap, I’m only doing what you asked. Different culture and all that.”
“Here, I’ll write one down for you. You ask it I’ll punch line it.” Sid wrote something on my old tablet box.
Ruhtra read it to understand it before he began to give the delivery. “What do you call a man who chooses time pieces for customers at Tescos?”
“A clock picker?” Then Sid began to laugh really loud because he thought his own joke was so funny.
Ruhtra looked down at the piece of old card, “What do I do with this now he asked?”
I took it back, they shouldn’t have had it anyway.

So now we go back to Arthur and Plattington who were having no luck at trying to pick the lock on the old wooden door. As Ruhtra came up to them he asked, “Do you want me to slime in through the keyhole and have a look around?”
“I thought you said they might have anti-shapechanging technology at the beginning of this story?”
“Well they might do, but at least I can get you through this door.”
Arthur pursed his lips and shook his head slightly, “Go on then.”
So Ruhtra slimed under the door. They heard sounds from beyond then Ruhtra opened the door, “You wouldn’t have got in anyway,” he explained to them, “there was a bar on the other side, it wasn’t even locked with the key.”
Tutting Arthur looked forward into the dark then spoke to me, “We’re not going to leave the cliffhanger on going through another door opening are we?” asked Arthur as I left the cliffhanger on going through another door opening.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

TEABAG part 24

Once they had returned to the courtyard Bloin then led them to a side door. There was a sign on the wall next to the door that said ‘The easy route to the code book missing out violent encounters.’
When Sid saw it he mumbled, “The Author must have set this bit up.” He looked at Robo Sid, “You know, when we first started this adventure I thought it was really going to be sensible.”
“What are you talking to me for Mr ‘I still want the funniest punch line’,” replied the robot version of his clone self.
“Are you sore at that?”
“Wouldn’t you be? I am the AI version of you.”
“OK then, I’ll let you have a few then.”
They passed beneath the arch and started down some steps towards a door at the bottom.
When they got there Arthur tried the door, it was locked, “It’s locked,” he told the others, “Can anyone pick locks?”
“No,” replied Plattington, “but I have a book on how to do it, I was going to learn how to do it for this adventure but time caught up with me.”
“Give it here,” demanded Arthur as he held out his hand.
The corporal gave him the tome and Arthur tried flicking through it to get the gist.
“We need some picks.”
“Here you are,” sniffed Sid as he offered his palm to the colonel.
“What’s that?”
“I keep it up my nose.”
Arthur shook his head, “Picks for picking locks, not nose pickings!”
From his pocket Plattington retrieved a small leather bag, “Here.”
Arthur laid it on the floor and looked through it, “Did you actually try to pick any locks before we came?”
“The one to the medicine cupboard, but I failed,” replied Plattington.
“You weren’t trying to get to the alcohol were you? Like Hook in the film Zulu.”
“No, it was the closest lock I could find.”
“Oh, well you have a go first then while I carry on reading about it.”
Sid moseyed over, “I suppose now would be a good time for some lock picking puns.” 
“Oh, go on then,” mumbled Arthur as he flicked through the book a second time.
“Aren’t you going to pick me up on it?”
“Pick, pick a lock.”
“Oh, very good. Can you do all the puns, it’s just I’m trying to read.”
“I could pick someone else to do it. Robo Arthur for instance, or Ruhtra?”
“Uhh, go on then,” then Arthur pursed his lips to the side and held the book upside down.
Sid decided to go to Robo Arthur, but he was in deep punning mode with Robo Sid already, and he didn’t want to compete with that, so he turned to Ruhtra who was looking at his watch.
“Is that watch real or is it part of you?” asked Sid.
“It’s part of me, why?” as he said this the watch slurped back into him.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

TEABAG part 23

So what is the next encounter? Maybe a friend turns up to help them, but who? Hang on a minute, there’s the dwarf policeman for a start.
Bloin, the dwarf policeman, woke up, after he had been tripped over by Arthur. Then he had to wait while Arthur flew around and crashed into the tree, and also while Sid got his puns in. He put his hands on his hips, “‘Ello, ello, ello, what do we ‘ave ‘ere then?”
Arthur was just preparing to order the men to follow him again into an unknown area when he met Bloin’s gaze. “Um, are you the dwarf policeman from Hunting for Squink?”
“Well done, the Author mistakenly described me as from Goblin Space Marines earlier. I think I’ve been put here to help you.”
“Well you haven’t done a good job so far, it was you I tripped over to go flying into that Christmas tree.”
“Do you want my help or not?”
The colonel looked at Sid while he answered Bloin, “As long as you don’t gang up with your dwarf brethren against me.”
“I didn’t think this Sid was a full dwarf? I thought he had some extra DNA put in him to make him slightly taller?”
This riled Sid a bit, “Are you making aspersions about my heritage?” he started to square up to Bloin.
Gunby got between them, “Come on you two, we need to be friends while we’re in this situation.”
Both dwarves looked up at the half giant and relented.
“So how are you going to help us?” Arthur asked.
“I know where the code book actually is, I visited that section of the castle when I was on a school trip years ago.”
“I thought you came from the Fantasy dimension like us?”
“As I said it was a school trip, an Interdimensional school trip.”
“I reckon the Author’s just made this bit up because he saw his friend at Monk’s Cross today,” Sid said quite quietly to Plattington.
The colonel deferred to the obvious favour shown by the Author to the dwarf policeman. “Righto, lead the way then, but make sure we circumnavigate all impassable barriers and dangerous situations.”
“That’s going to make it a little boring for the readers isn’t it?” stomped Sid.
“Well,” thought Arthur a little more as he spoke to Bloin, “you could make sure we encounter funny things and not dangerous ones.”
“You mean replace action with humour? I don’t know about that, the rising and falling of action then humour then introspection keeps the readers gripped.”
“With the way the Author writes I should think that would keep the readers griped,” joked Sid, at my expense.
“Well we need to return to the courtyard then, this section leads to the Killer Kastle.”
“...?” said Plattington.
“Bless you,” replied Bloin.
“What a waste of time this section has been,” grumped Arthur.
“Well not really,” reasoned Sid, “we’ve had the bit with the guard snoring, and you crashing into the Christmas tree with the mini aeroplane.”
“I’m not convinced,” nonplussed Arthur as he followed Bloin and the others back out.

Monday, 22 December 2014

TEABAG part 22

When he got back to the others they weren’t there. “How can I get back to the others if they aren’t there,” he whispered to himself. But he did see Ruhtra ahead and ran to catch him up. “So where are the others then?” he asked.
“Can’t you smell them?”
“My sense of smell is not as highly attuned as yours.”
“I suppose that’s how you can live with your own smell, or you’d have to chop your nose off.”
“To spite your face?”
“What a stupid saying, almost as stupid as a teardrop learning to fly in a rainstorm.”
Plattington did not understand the Zathanian but before he got too confused they saw the others serving at tables.
“What are you doing?” asked the shape changer.
“We were waiting,” punned Sid.
Arthur finished sipping his cup of tea and wiped his lips with a napkin, “Nice tea break that Robo Sid.”
“I didn’t know I had the parameters for such a thing, the Author must have had it programmed into me especially for this scene.” The metal man bowed slightly with a white towel over his arm in the place of a waiter's cloth.
The others all helped to pack up the camping equipment. They stored it back in the cupboard they had found it in.
“Fortunate that,” commented Plattington at they heard Chatteris talking to himself behind them.
“Let’s be off to the next stupid encounter,” said Sid, as grumpy as ever (well, for the six months of his short clone life so far.) ‘
Looking at him the colonel reminded him, “ It’s I that give the orders.” He turned to the others and said, “Let’s be off to the next stupid encounter.” He marched forward and, because his snooty nose was so far in the air he tripped over a sleeping policeman and went flying, (in a small aeroplane kept inside for such jokes as this.)
“A sleeping policeman?” queried Sid, “not the dwarf policeman from Goblin Space Marines?”
“Get me down from here,” wittered Arthur who had crashed the small aeroplane into a Christmas tree.
“I suppose the Author had to mention Christmas somewhere..” Robo Sid said to Robo Arthur.
“ he is putting this whole shortish story on his blog as a Christmas present for the readers,” finished Sid, the clone.
Robo Sid looked at Sid and shook his finger, “That was my punch line.”
“I don’t actually have a funny character union card, but I still demand the funniest punch lines!”

Sunday, 21 December 2014

TEABAG part 21


Deep, deep into the underbelly they did not go for we have only just started this chapter. No, what they did do, first, was come upon the guard smoking a fag, (though not of course the Eton schoolboy kind.)
Arthur looked for Ruhtra to get them out of this situation but he was still misting. He decided to use his stun pistol instead. One fine shot and the fagged guard lay motionless on the floor. Looking at Sid he thought he would explain why he was taking this non lethal approach, “Well, they are officially supposed to be our allies against the giants.”
“Do you mean the football team?” asked the sergeant.
“We are not supposed to use futuristic cultural references, stop it!”
“Bossy boots.”
Arthur bit his tongue at Sid’s obvious insubordination. He looked at Plattington, “Drag his body away somewhere and hide it will you, there’s a good man.”
The corporal complied and hid the sleeping guard in a cupboard, though he had a little bother with the body and had to stand him up. When he closed the door he trapped the guard’s foot in it the first time.
The Colonel shook his head then spoke to Scubbins, “Now if you were a real dwarf instead of a small human then you could see in the dark down that long passage to help us out.”
“Or I could just switch the light on,” he said as he flicked the light switch on.
“Oh,” ohed Arthur, “you can take point then.”
“But you’re the leader, you lead.”
“I am much too important to go ahead into the unknown.”
“So you think.”
They heard a noise. Tresham commented on it first, “What kind of creature makes that kind of noise?”
“It could be ahead of us,” worried the colonel.
But Sid looked behind, “Or behind us.” he strode over to the cupboard and opened the door. The guard’s arm fell out, he was snoring loudly.
“Can’t you shut him up Biggs?” asked their glorious leader.
“Biggs?” queried Sid as he flipped the guard’s limp arm back in, “I think you’re getting confused, he’s not in this book.”
“Can’t you put some sticky tape over his nose?”
“I thought you said you wanted this to be a non lethal mission? If I do that he might suffocate.”
“Well can’t you put him back outside so that anyone who sees him thinks he fell asleep on guard duty?”
Sid then ordered Plattington, “Put him outside Corporal, and make it look like he fell asleep on guard duty.”
Picking up the slumped body Plattington complied. As he got to the doorway he saw both Chatteris and Ruhtra coming towards him.
“Here at last, right you two, help me pose the body as though he’s just fallen asleep on guard duty.” He plonked the body near the outside of the door.
“That’s beneath me,” snooted Ruhtra who walked through the doorway to the others, but Chatteris began to help.
“What do you think,” asked the private, “seated on a box, head resting on hand, fag ash sprinkled on the box?”
“Very artistic Chatteris, I’ll leave you in charge of the ... Catch us up when you’ve finished.”
So we continue to follow Plattington and leave Chatteris chattering and chattering in the cold as he set up the tableaux.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

TEABAG part 20

“Ahh, so I did,” he thought a little, “will that plan work though, won’t they see us?”
“I could turn into a cloud,” suggested Ruhtra.
“Can you do that?” asked Arthur.
“Well, I haven’t tried it before but I have heard stories of the grand mystic masters on Zathan doing it.”
“Shouldn’t you see if you can do it before we begin? You know, practice a little first?”
Shapechanging the shapechanger tried to turn himself in to a cloud but only managed a wisp of smoke.
“You mist,” punned Sid.
“No I didn’t!”
“Mist as in the cloud formation not missed as in the point.”
“Oo, I’ll try again,” he puffed up his cheeks and closed his eyes then, poof!
The dwarfish small man looked around, “Where’s he gone?”
A fine mist started to gather around the airship until it turned into a cloud.
“By flubble, he’s done it,” remarked Arthur. He turned round, “Quick then everyone, shimmy back up the ropes.”
So they all shimmied back up.

The Talent now hovered down into the courtyard. The Ruhtra cloud was so big that one of the enemy guards it covered thought it was fast falling fog and so went in for a quick fag.
“Thanks Ruhtra old boy,” thanked the colonel, “you’ve done a good job.”
But Ruhtra said nothing in return
“Maybe he’s misting?” suggested Tresham as he started to disembark.
Arthur thought about the comment then, after all but Chatteris had got off, he ordered the helmsman to hide the airship in some nearby trees and, “...join us at the earliest opportunity.”  He then led his men, and others, into the main body of the Tower, through the door the missing guard had left open.

Friday, 19 December 2014

TEABAG part 19

“You are an odd chap Dinkins, carry on and no more shouting. I was trying to get some sleep near the fire before you started playing the fool.” he turned and went whence he had where before wandered from.
Ruhtra followed him with his eyes.
“Eeew!” exclaimed Arthur, “do you have to follow him with your eyes like that?” He was perturbed because Ruhtra’s eyes had physically left his head and were bouncing down the steps after the guard.
The shape changer did a small whistle and the eyes bounded back to him like two puppies who had just been called to eat their dinner. They slurped back into Ruhtra’s face.
Arthur was squinting and looking at his double sideways to try to lessen the shock. Now if it was lesson the shock then it would have something to do with being taught in school about the dangers of electricity. He whisper shouted to Ruhtra, “Is he back in his den?”
“At ten?”
“It’s about ten o’clock so he’s back in his den at ten then.”
The colonel looked above back at the ship to see Sid, Gunby and the others all sliding down the ropes towards his position, “At last,” he quipped, “now I don’t have to listen to your prattling banter.”

Now Arthur realised that he should either be giving orders from the front or leading them somewhere so he said, “Right, let’s be off,” and set off in the direction of the guard room.
“Er, excuse me your Colonelness,” whined Ruhtra, “but do we want to be captured so early on in the operation?”
“Um, operation,” blustered Arthur, “that’s a game for kids isn’t it?”
Sid looked at him disparagingly, “The Author never increased your intelligence when he got you cloned on Reema V did he? If we walk through the guardroom we’ll be captured. We need to go another way.”
“Oh,” replied Arthur, quite curtly, “I suppose I’d better ask for ideas then, seeing as I don’t know what to do next.”
“He might have had your humility improved though. I think we should pick the lock on the door at the end of the wall and go down to the next floor.”
“Right,” said Arthur as he looked around at the others, “any more ideas?”
“I can get in easily, as a flea, or a fly or even a friendly dog,” explained Ruhtra.
Chatteris hovered over to them in the Talent (he had been left aboard to guard it). “Why don’t you all get back aboard and I’ll drop you off in the courtyard instead?” he shouted down.
“Why didn’t we do that in the first place?” asked Arthur.
Sid interjected, “You ordered us all out of the airship as soon as we got over the walls!”

Thursday, 18 December 2014

TEABAG part 18

They were lucky, there were no lights pointing in their direction, no guards looking that particular way, no steam powered barrage balloons, no automatic defence robots. It was as though there was a helper of some kind aiding them in their mission [me!] So Chatteris guided the Talent over the tower and turned the engines off.
“Ropes?” enquired Arthur of Tresham.
“I think they’re in the hold.”
“Well hurry up and get them man, we need to get shimmying as soon as possible.”
Tresham turned, a little miffed, “It should be the lower orders doing this, not a sergeant!”
“Too many chiefs,” murmured Gunby as Tresham passed him. He also followed his friend to help.

Ruhtra peeped over the bow of the airship to make sure they were still safe and unnoticed. He spotted an Andacian guard blowing into his gloves and stamping his feet to try to keep away the cold. Not wanting to wait he turned himself into a rope, attached himself to a rail and flopped himself over the side, planning then to slurp to the ground.
Arthur spotted the rope and used it to shimmy to the ground. This caused Ruhtra some discomfort and so he grew a mouth, right near Arthur’s head, and screamed out in pain. The colonel grabbed his own ears and nearly fell off of the rope.
“What the blazes,” cried Arthur.
Plattington saw what was happening and also saw the frozen guard begin to look up into their direction [no, not a guard from the film Frozen, I knew you would think that!]
The guard (not from Frozen) lifted up his rifle and aimed it at the colonel.
Looking about the deck Plattington saw a pole, picked it up and threw it at the guard’s rifle to spoil his aim.
With a spoiled aim the guard could do nothing else by raise the alarm. The alarm had fallen down and needed raising.
To stop the alarm being raised Arthur jumped from the rope and fell on it from above.
“At last,” sighed Ruhtra, “fat lump.” He slurped to the floor just as Arthur was bashing the guard over the head with the now bent alarm.
“Why did you scream in my ear like that?” asked Pendragon, “I think I’m now deaf in one ear.”
“Better to be deaf than suffer death,” philosophised the shapechanger.
There was now another problem though, the guard’s colleague had heard a noise and come to see what all the commotion was. Thinking quickly Ruhtra turned into the first guard and stopped his colleague from coming closer.
“What’s all the racket Dinkins?” asked the real guard.
“I bashed me toe on the wall,” replied Ruhtra.
“But you said something like ‘We’re under att... argh.”
“Yes, we’re under a dark sky tonight was what I was going to say.”
“Well why did you have to shout it out, I thought we was under attack or something?”
“It’s because it’s very cold, it affected my pharynx,”

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

TEABAG part 17

And now, to get back on track, the Tower of Tarrelo loomed ahead of them in the distance. As Chatteris headed towards it he commented to Plattington, “It’s a good job there hasn’t been a power cut. The street lights are leading me straight to the Tower.”
Just then...[though I shouldn’t really do it] there was a power cut.
“Why did you have to mention a power cut,” mentioned Chatteris, “now look, the Author’s created one just at the wrong time.”
“Only joking,” said I as the street lights started to flicker back on.
“It must have been a brown out,” said Plattington.
“Well that’s better than a brown bear.”
“What’s a brown bear got to do with a power cut?”
“Everything if it fell onto the power lines and shorted everything out.”
“How is a brown bear going to get high enough, in a city, to fall on some power lines and bring them down?”
“Well, if the Author thought of it, there could be a menagerie in the Tower and brown bears could be one of the exhibits. One of them could have escaped, climbed up on something really high then did a belly flop onto the power lines.”
“So, a random zoo bear, escapes, knows how to do a belly flop and falls judiciously onto some nearby power lines?”
“He could be a genetically enhanced bear, who know how to swim, use a lockpick and is wise enough not to be killed by landing on power lines, so he was probably wearing rubber boots as well.”
“I thought he’d belly flopped onto the power lines?”
“Yes, why?”
“Well the boots would be completely useless.”
“Oh, well he could have belly flopped onto it then as he bounced back up he could have landed on the lines, in his boots, and tightrope-walked along it.”
“With an umbrella for balance?”
“Yes, of course, and then, to top it all off, he managed to get to the end before the lines collapsed.”
“So he got to the end.”
“He got away with it and got out then?”
“So it was a brown out.”
Chatteris groaned.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

TEABAG part 16

Once they had all got back aboard the Talent again Plattington asked Sid, “So what was that interlude for?”
“I’m guessing, based on the Author’s notes on the back of that envelope, that the Lord Mayor is part of a nefarious conspiracy against the people of Tarrelo.”
“You know it is a pity,” mused the corporal as he sat upon a box of ammunition, “Andacia was supposed to be our ally against the giants. Now they’ve been infiltrated by the giantish kingdoms…”
“Sorry,” interrupted Sid, “is this one of those moments when we look into your back story as part of your character development?”
“I think it must be, seeing as I don’t know what I was going to say next.”
“Now they’ve been infiltrated by the giantish kingdoms they are like a) A pin prick in a teabag. b) a fruit from the useless tree., or, c) making bungee cords out of steel wire.
“None of those analogies really work.”
“But they are quite funny though. Could you do better? Seeing as you didn’t know what you were going to say next.”
“I suppose thinking that they’re funny depends on what kind of sense of humour you have.”
“Just make up a humorous analogy, before I make you swab the deck.”
"Like punch mixed with red."
"Breaking the metaphysical barrier there I see. Unless of course you mean Mr Punch, mixed with Raymond Reddington from The Blacklist."
"Is that funny?"
"It will be when I punch you, you turn red then I swab the floor with you."
"You can't do that, that's bullying."
"But I can threaten it."
The colonel butted in as he walked back from the bridge, "Now now Sid, try to go a little easy on him will you, we're supposed to be fleshing out his character development not scaring him into the metaphysical."
Just then [or something quite similar] the airship turned sharply to the left making them all lean to the right to try to keep from falling off.
Arthur shouted, "What's happening Chatteris?"
"We've deviated from the plot Colonel, it's creating havoc with the gyroscope."
"Deviated from the plot," blustered Arthur, "how can //that affect the gyroscope?"
"I don't know Sir," shouted back the helmsman as he struggled with the wheel, "it just seemed to come to my mind as an explanation."
"A bit like how the Author writes most of the time," Sid nudged Plattington.
"Sorry," usurped Plattington, "are you my friend again now?"
Sid drew back a little, "I'm, er, still your friend? [Seeing as we only met at the beginning of this story.]"

Monday, 15 December 2014

TEABAG part 15

“Are we going to get going?” asked Arthur.
“Pass me a towel,” said Ruhtra. He also switched off the tap. Sid looked round for a towel.
Then Robo Arthur shouted down to them from the window at the end of the passageway, “The fog is clearing!
Sid looked a bit quizzical, he turned the tap back on.
“What are you doing?” grumped Arthur.
“Just wait,” replied the dwarf.
Then, again, Robo Arthur called, “It’s started drawing in again.”
So Sid turned the tap off a second time.
“I don’t believe it!” shouted Robo Arthur, “it’s going again.”
“Thought so,” thought Sid, “the steam from the bath is causing the fog.”
“That’s a bit surreal isn’t it?” mused Arthur.
“What do you expect with the Author?” replied the colour sergeant.
They waited for Ruhtra, who turned himself into a tube and shimmied the towel from top to tail. He then turned back into his Arthurian form, “shall we go?”
They all went.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

TEABAG part 14


Arthur turned the handle and pushed open the door. (I know I’ve repeated myself but hey, it’s a new chapter.) There was a small bathroom and a bath filled with bubbles. Sitting in it, with bubbles on his head, was Ruhtra, "Ow do."
"What are you doing?" exasperated Arthur.
"Having a bath?" replied the shapechanger, who also had a bubble beard and moustache.
"Is this where we're supposed to do the bath puns now?" asked Sid.
"Well, I suppose so," grumped the colonel.
"But no toilet humour," warned Tresham.
Sid looked at them, "No toilette humour either."
"Bubbles!" bubbled Plattington.
"Are we each doing some kind of pun?" wondered Pendragon.
"As long as I get the best punch line," warned Sid.
"I thought you had been genetically altered not to expect the best punch line?"
"My selfishness and giant ego overcame that. I can easily get a better punch line than you shower anyway."
This stunned Arthur when he realised Sid had made quite a good and relevant bathroom pun, "Er?”
Sid was on a roll, a toilet roll. “You’re looking hot and flushed,” he said to Ruhtra. A bottle of shampoo nearly fell on the shapechanger’s head and he caught it just before it did, “That was a close shave.”
“You’re a fool ah!” splashed Ruhtra who was getting quite angry at so many people looking at him in the bath.
“Did you mean to do an anagram of loofah there?”

Saturday, 13 December 2014

TEABAG part 13

"This is completely useless," puffed Arthur.

Unshouldering his energy weapon Gunby shot at the floor. A large hole appeared in it. This made the situation worse because they were now running towards the dangerous, uncovered and still working gears.

Arthur stopped but the others behind bumped into him. He nearly fell into the gears. Sid pulled him back. "That was close," whewed the colonel.

As the treadmill had snapped the still attached end wound its way around and mangled into the gears. There was a whining and a clanking then the gears grated to a stop.

"Just in time," panted Arthur, still holding onto Sid's arm.

"Now we need to pick our way over those gearing mechanisms," said the sergeant.

So they did, it took them a long time to all get through the garden of smashed gears, too long to describe so near the end of this chapter

When they finally got to the end Arthur opened the door to find...

Friday, 12 December 2014

TEABAG part 12

“Do you know?”
“Well of course it was rhetorical. As if I was asking you. If I needed to know I could look at the Author’s notes.”
“He hasn’t made that bit up yet.”
“How do you know?”
“I’ve already looked, there’s no notes. It’s all in his head.”
“He sounds like the lecturer from Perception or that fellow from A Beautiful Mind.”
“So we don’t know what’s behind the doors then?”
“Well on that scrap of paper the Author wrote on at Waitrose it’s either a) each room leads to a different dimension. A bit like a Devidian door in The Next Generation.”
“But that leads to different planets not dimensions.”
“Yeah, anyway the next idea was b) different famous rooms as described in Victorian fiction. The sitting room of 221b Baker Street, the lab at Frankenstein Castle etc.”
“Right, what else?”
“Well, each room could lead to a different place on this planet, sort of a transportation portal.”
“So… has he decided any of this yet of is he just running it by us first?”
“Probably running by us.”
“No, I meant he’s literally running by us.”
“I don’t know, I just thought I’d say it in case it was funny.”
They both looked at each other with raised eyebrows, a bit like I did when I imagined them in this situation.
“So are we going to look behind the first door then or the one Ruhtra slimed underneath?” asked Colour Sergeant Sid.
“I don’t know, I don’t think the Author’s going to let us look, I think he wants us to end on a cliffhanger.”
“Like the ones talked about in The Dead Robots Society podcasts?”
“That’s right, ‘I open the door and…’”
Sid opened the door, there was a brick wall behind it, “Thought so,” he thought, “we’re not at the word count for chapter two yet. I bet there’s a brick wall behind each door until we get to the one Ruhtra slimed under.”
“Well let’s try that one next,” nodded Gunby who had just managed to get his huge frame through the window.
They all started to walk towards the last door on the left. But they seemed to get no nearer.
“I can’t seem to even reach the next door on the left,” groaned Pendragon who was leading the party.
Plattington stood still, gently went backwards and bumped against the wall, “we’re on a treadmill,” he called as he realised what was happening.
They all started to run as fast as they could but the treadmill increased speed as they did.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

TEABAG part 11

So Chatteris chittered a little while he set the Talent down on a flattish portion of the roof.
“Why do we want to look round the Mayor’s mansion again?” asked Sid.
“Again?” queried Arthur, “we haven’t looked round it once yet.”
“I didn’t mean again, I meant again, again.”
“A bit like Tattoo on Fantasy Island?”
“That’s an antiquated reference isn’t it?”
“Seeing as we’re in 1885, then no, it’s a futurist reference.”
“If you say so. But tell me, really, why are we doing a reccie on the Mayor’s mansion?”
“I think the Author thought it might break the tension.”
“What tension?”
“Erm, I don’t know. Let’s just do it until the fog lifts?” So Arthur led the way, as a good battle chieftain would. The others followed behind in a kind of bemused bumbling state. Bumbling up to an open window they all looked in. It was a passageway with doors leading off it. “It seems to be a passageway with doors leading off of it,” noted the colonel.
“Very observant,” said Sid, “what else can you see by just using your eyes?”
“What? What do you mean?”
“Well anyone can look at something and tell me what it is.”
“I don’t get your point?”
“You looked in the window and told us it was a passageway with doors leading off of it.”
Sid shook his head, “Never mind, let’s just send the shape changer in first. He can pretend to be anything, so if he encounters someone then he can turn into a vase or something.”
“It’s me who gives the orders.”
“Well give ‘em then!”
“Er,” Arthur scanned the area for Ruhtra, “Ruhtra dear chep…”
Ruhtra, looking like Arthur, looked nonchalantly at Arthur, “Wassap?”
“Can you slink in ahead of us and make sure there’s no one around?”
“I spose so,” the shape changer made himself into a liquid and poured through a small hole in the lattice window and puddled on the floor. He then slimed down the whole length of the passageway and finally took his Arthurish shape at the other end. He waved them to come in.
Arthur pushed the window open and climbed in first. Sid and the others followed, well, all except Robo Sid and Robo Arthur, they were too bulky to get through the window.
“You two will have to guard the airship. Call us back if you get into trouble.”
Robo Arthur looked at Robo Sid and tried to express a little hurt, but nodded and complied.
Ruhtra glanced back at them all then slimed under the end door.
“Where’s he going now?” Arthur asked rhetorically.
“Do you want to know,” asked Sid, “or are you just asking rhetorically?”

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

TEABAG part 10

So now I have to describe an alien city, in the dark, in the fog. Well at least a bit of it.

Plattington also looked over the edge of the airship and saw a … gargoyle! “Yaargh!” he exclaimed, then shouted to Chatteris, “We’re too close, er, to a church of some kind.”
Robo Arthur commented as the airship came to a stop, “They don’t have churches in Andacia, only underground ones.”
“You mean to say we’re underground?”
The good metal man looked at the corporal, “I will give you a little leeway with that one, seeing as we are supposed to be developing your character’s back story.”
“So what is it then if it’s not a church?”
“Mansion house, factory, who knows?”
“The Author,” inputted Robo Sid.
“Well you ask him then.”
So Robo Sid asked me, “Where are we Author?”
“The Lord Mayor’s mansion,” I replied, then left them to get on with it.
“Told you,” told Robo Sid.
“We can’t really fly in this fog,” thought Plattington, “we might have to go straight up above the clouds.”
“How are we going to see anything then?” wondered Robo Sid, “We’ll just see clouds.”
“We could do what the aircrew do to airfields when it’s foggy,” began to suggest Robo Arthur, “fill pipes up with hot fuel and make the fog rise.”
“With you talking all that hot air it should have risen long ago,” quipped his robo friend.
“In this smog things would only be made worse by hot air,” the king of the robo men folded his arms to show his displeasure.
Then Colonel Pendragon came back, “Right, it’s been decided. Seeing as we can’t see our hands before our faces…”
“I can,” beamed Colour Sergeant Sid as he held his hand before his face.
“It’s a saying Colour Sergeant, meaning it’s too difficult to navigate through the city at night in a thick fog/smog.”
He turned back to address the others on the deck, “So it’s been decided we’ll to a quick reccie in the mansion below. It seems to be the Lord Mayor’s mansion.”
“It is,” agreed Robo Sid quietly.
“Who agreed to do a reccie?” asked Robo Arthur.
“Well, me actually,” explained Arthur, pointing to himself.
“Were you talking to yourself, or Ruhtra, or something? You know, to agree with yourself?”
“Never mind about that now, Chatteris is going to take us down very slowly to land on a lower roof. Then we’ll go in by some windows.”

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

TEABAG part 9

“They’re not as good as the real Sid and Arthur are they?” Gunby said quietly, so he would not upset the colonel or colour sergeant.

Now the normal Sid and Arthur would either hear my thoughts or read what I was writing, but these two seemed oblivious to my ways.

“Well, I suppose I’ll have to order Chatteris to get under way,” thought Arthur. He waddled up to the bridge.
“What are you waddling for Colonel?” asked Plattington, who was trying to detach a metal man’s arm from the railing around the airship.
“Er, I’m not waddling, I’m careening,” Arthur tried to straighten his gait but still seemed to waddle.
“He’s suffering from cognitive dissonance,” observed Tresham.
“?” ?ed Gunby.
“He’s lying to himself, he’s waddling like a drunken emperor penguin on a tossing ship with an egg between its legs.”
“That’s a lot of waddling, maybe his trousers are coming down, you know a bit like Bert in Mary Poppins.”
“His belt was damaged when that metal man grabbed it.”
“I didn’t see that?”
“Well I didn’t really, but I just had the urge to say it, like the Author had just thought of it to fill in a plot hole.”
“Ahh!” ahhed Gunby.
They both nodded in agreement.

They were underway again and getting closer to their objective. On the outskirts of Tarrelo they were greeted with the view of millions of house and streetlights twinkling away.
“It’s a good job it’s not foggy,” thought Chatteris to Plattington, “it would be difficult to navigate in the dark and in the fog.”
As if somebody had heard him and thought it might be a good twist, a pea souper fell.
“What was that?” inquired Sid, “it sounded like a bowl of pea soup falling somewhere.”
“No, I don’t think so Sid,” imparted Robo Sid, “I think the Author was describing the appearance of the sudden fog that has just manifested.”
“I don’t have to check the manifest now do I? I only did a stock taking check a few paragraphs back.”
“You don’t really seem to have this 4th wall listening to the Author thing down to pat yet do you? Not like the real Sid.”
“No, I suppose I don’t. Do you think it’s because I’m a clone?”
“You should’ve been a clown instead, you might have been funnier.”
Robo Arthur came up to them, “How are they going to get there in this pea souper?”
“Compass and landmarks?” suggested Robo Sid.
“I wonder which landmarks I can see?” wondered the sergeant as he tried to look out over the railings.

Monday, 8 December 2014

TEABAG part 8

“How many of these things are there?” cried Arthur as he tried to shoot them with his electric pistol, but to no avail.
“I am determined to prove a villain...” quoted the kingly android.
“I never understood that quote,” mumbled Arthur as he re-loaded the pin chamber, “especially out of context. Does he mean I'm the villain o he is?”
“Well you obviously,” said Sid as his blaster rifle melted a hole in the head of another metal man.
“Harrumph!” harrumphed Arthur as he shot another metal man in the back of the neck. The wires there frazzled and it fell inert.
“Come ye unvalued jewels, let us take flight, they are too hard for us,” ordered Richard III.
The two metal men that were harrying Plattington and Tresham looked back at their master then leapt back onto the enemy ship.
“Whew!” whewed Sid, “I thought we were goners there,” the dwarf rested his rifle on the deck of the airship to take stock of things.
“I bet we'll see them again before this adventure is written,” rued the colonel.
“That's six metal men, one broken rail and a cut over Tresham's eye.”
“What are you doing?”
“Taking stock like the Author said.”
Arthur shook his head then put his hand up to his eyes to see the departing enemy airship more clearly.
“I bet that'll make a good level in the computer game,” said Sid as he came nearer.
“Yeas, I can see it now. Hoards of metal men leaping upon the deck and us nine fighting them off.”
“Yes, you, me, Robo Sid and Arthur, Tresham, Gunby, Plattington, Chatteris and...” he looked for Ruhtra, “where's that sainted shape changer?”
“Here,” screed Ruhtra as he stopped taking the form of a seagull.
“You are supposed to be part of this team you know, not a raving coward.”
“I wasn't a raven, I was a seagull actually. I just thought you had it all in hand,” said the shape changer as he morphed into his Arthurish form.
Scubbins moaned, “It is confusing having two of you to contend with. Can't you wear a Baldrick or something Arthur.”
“You mean a small lifelike model of Tony Robinson in Blackadder?”
“No, I mean... Yes, go on then, a small lifelike model of Tony Robinson sounds funnier.” He thought for a second, “I think the Tony Robinson from the fourth series would be more apt.”
“But that one's from the future, surely Baldrick from Blackadder III would be better?”
“Are they really discussing this?” Tresham asked Gunby quietly as the half giant tended to his friend's eye.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

TEABAG part 7


"Now is the winter of our disco tent," cried the Richard the III steam powered android as he goaded his tea pirate crew to swing across the chasm between both airships to board the Talent.
"What!" grumbled Arthur, "a Richard III android from the Sanctum steampunk museum leading an army of metal men tea pirates."
"Yup," yupped Sid, "sounds like the Author wants to make it into a computer game of some kind. Us lot against metal men instead of Zulus."
"Do you think it'll work?"
"I don't know, ask him."
But Arthur did not want to ask me anything. So instead he shouted some orders at his men, "Repel boarders, batten down the hatches, fire in the hold…"
"Do you have to use clich├ęs so flippantly?" queried the short colour sergeant who was really a dwarf, well, a dwarf clone anyway.
"GUNBY," shouted the colonel as he chided the half giant into action.
Having no time to hip his Hotchkiss cannon Gunby picked up a fallen mast and started to use it like a baseball/rounders bat to swat the metal men away like giant flies.
“Let me have a couple of ‘em,” said Sid as he tried to get into the action.
The Talent started to sway from side to side as first a metal man landed on the deck then Both Gunby and Sid ran to get him. Chatteris found it quite difficult to keep her upright, “Can’t you just shoot them before they get aboard? I’m having trouble keeping her steady.” But as he said this the Talent turned onto its side and the whole crew and the two metal men who were still aboard grabbed onto railings and anything else that was attached to the ship.
A couple more metal men leapt onto the sideways airship which pulled it upright again however they were unable to keep their balance and fell into the sea.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

TEABAG part 6

“So tell us about yourself then, but not the stuff the Author wrote about you seven paragraphs ago,” ordered Arthur.
“Well er, I was born in Kensington, London.”
“That’s posh,” remarked Sid.
“St. Mary Abbott’s, that’s all, I was only there for two weeks, the maternity section.”
“So things soon tumbled into ignominy with you then,” presumed Arthur, “ended up in Whitechapel I presume?”
“No, Shoreditch actually, my old dad was a Hansom cabbie.”
“Handsome chappie?” misheard Sid.
“Why thank you,” thought it a compliment Plattington. “I look like my father, I’m told.”
“You’re old?” again pretended to mishear Sid.
“Not as old as you I’m told. Over 300 aren’t you? You don’t look a day over 250.”
Sid grinned and accepted the compliment, but then realised, “Well actually, the real Sid is supposed to be over 350. I’m only six months old.”
“Ooer, yes, you’re a clone of the REAL Sid aren’t you?”
Looking a little dourer, Colour Sergeant Scubbins rued, “Six months old and I don’t look a day over 250. Hah, that’s not a compliment at all. I have a good mind to stick you on jankers.”
“Now now Sid,” admonished the colonel, “that would be a tad unfair don’t you think?”
“Have we done enough of this silly character development yet?” wondered Sid, “can’t we just get on with a bit of action?”

I suppose they could be attacked by tea pirates, that would give me a good cliffhanger for the end of the chapter.

So, suddenly, as though I had just thought of it, the Talent rocked from side to side.
“So, the Author’s been listening to rock music has he?” thought Arthur.
“Tea pirates!” shouted Chatteris from the bridge.
“TEABAGs to action!” shouted the colonel as the three of them, who were in the mid-belly of the airship, started to ascend the ladder to get into action.

Friday, 5 December 2014

TEABAG part 5

The Talent. The TEABAG’s airship. It makes you think it’s a cross between the names of the Tawa and the General Gallant, which it is. I had to make it slightly larger than the Tawa or the Gallant because of the extra crew members, or else Gunby would be sleeping with his feet out of the window, (and if he was in his stockinged feet they would freeze!)
So it’s there, on the tarmac. Well it’s not tarmac, but another tar and stone compound quite similar. It was close to their main base building, protected by its own electric shield.
The first on board was Private Chatteris who was the second pilot. The first pilot was second aboard. It was Tresham. The sergeant was going to allow Chatteris to take the helm until we got to the good stuff (what’s a helmet doing aboard anyway?)
The others filed aboard and Pendragon, in all his bossiness, was dishing out meaningless orders like a waiter with order soup.
Second pilot Chatteris pulled some switches and drew the steering wheel back. The Talent started to rise, they were underway.

Now this is where we get to the slow down part where we try to develop the characters a bit more, so you grow to love them and will watch all of the TV series because of it. Today’s character development is… Plattington!
Now Plattington hasn’t been in any of the other tales before so we have to work on his back story. He was a captured human slave from the London of earth in 1880. Rescued by tea pirates he managed to make his way to Tyreen. There he became part of the Tyreen air navy and when the British finally came through the IWTD in force he decided to join up with them instead. He also has a cat called Felix. The cat is aboard. There, that is it.

“Felix,” called Corporal Plattington, he also made kissy noises with his lips.
This annoyed Pendragon who made his displeasure known to Scubbins, “Can’t we get him that platypus sooner? It’s really annoying me him doing those kissy noises.”
Sid was drinking a cup of tea in the central ship area where there was a nice largish table.
“What kind of relationship do you have with the Author?” asked Sid.
“Well not too good really. When I found out you and I had only been created to fill in for the real Sid and Arthur from The Crying Pennant, well, that’s it really. I don’t speak to him because of it.”
“Excuse me!!” interrupted Plattington, “this bit is supposed to be about me and my character development.”

Thursday, 4 December 2014

TEABAG part 4

So now we are introduced to the rest of the team. Imagine if you will a film where the main actors step forth to introduce themselves.
First we have Colour Sergeant Sidney Scubbins. A very short man, some might even say a dwarf, with a beard. He shouted his staccato of commands out.
Secondly Sergeant Gunby appeared in the doorway, looked at the camera, and stopped for just a second before taking his place in front of the colonel. Now Gunby was a giant of a man, 7’ tall in his stockinged feet.
Following him was Sergeant Tresham, a Southern gentleman of the United States, well, a clone of him anyway. He too stopped for a while and then smiled before taking his place next to Gunby.
Thirdly came Corporal Plattington, showing off his new stripe to the audience before standing next to Tresham.
Nextly (if that is a word) chattered Chatteris all the way over to Plattington.
A metal man, well two, had difficulties navigating through the door. Those were Robo Sid and Robo Arthur, and when they both got through the door at last they got in to a clinch for the camera, before also taking their places before Pendragon.
Lastly slithered Ruhtra in the form of an Arthur headed snake. He slithered onto the colonel’s desk and slurped himself into an empty fruit bowl so that he could have a rest while we listened to Pendragon’s explanation of the mission.
Beginning to pace with his hands behind his back Pendragon readied himself to talk. “Now men, The East Anglian Bombardiers And Grenadiers, (Special Operations Section) has just received a new important mission.”
“By shapechanger,” inferred Ruhtra from his bowl.
Arthur ignored him.
“Which Arthur?” asked Robo Arthur.
Colonel Arthur Pendragon ignored Ruhtra…
“Oh,” ohed Robo Arthur as he again shut up and listened.
Pendragon continued, “There is a secret thingamyjig…”
“Codebook,” prompted Ruhtra.
“Codebook in the er, Tower of er,…”
“That’s it, Tarrelo. Don’t tell me any more Ruhtra, I’ll try to remember it. Now…er, we have to fly the airship over the Tower and shimmy down. Erm, then we need we need to bring it back here. Oh, I forgot, the code has something to do with a great Hoo power and we can’t let them get their hands on it.”
“So concise and precise in his explanation isn’t he,” murmured Robo Sid to Robo Arthur, “just like you, who also bumbles like an absent minded professor.”
Well this seems to bring an end to this section, so…

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

TEABAG part 3

“There is a code book kept in the tower of Tarrelo, the capital of the Andacian empire. This code book unlocks an ancient Hoo secret to unlimited power. So far the Andacians have not been able to decode it, but, now their empire is overrun with Gites, clones and Hoo spies, they might get their hands on it. They will have an easier time decoding it for it is coded in one of the Hoo’s ancient tongues.”
“What, you mean they used one of their chopped off tongues to write in? Savages!”
“No, I did not mean that. I know you’re really not that stupid so don’t interrupt me again.” Ruhtra turned to the map on the wall that had just conveniently appeared there. “We will fly in via airship, pretending to be traders. Hover over the tower, shimmy down ropes and get in...” he looked at Arthur who seemed to want to speak, “go on?”
“But couldn’t you do the whole mission on your own, being a shape changer and all?”
“They may have anti shape-changer technology, so I need to take you lot with me in case they have.”
Arthur smiled, he felt useful again, “Carry on.”
“Once we’re inside we need to make our way down to the deepest dungeon and break in through the bars, retrieve the code book, then make our escape?”
“What do we make our ‘S’ cape out of? Is it for Superman?”
“I do believe humans are stupid.”
Completely randomly Arthur asked, “You’re one of the shape changers who was part of Zattaz aren’t you?”
“So a bit of you is evil then?”
“Just a little bit.”
“Can’t you chop it off, you know, the evil bit?”
“It would be like you chopping your head off, it wouldn’t affect your intelligence but you wouldn’t look so nice.”
“Hrumph!” hrumphed Arthur, “I think I’ve heard enough now to explain it to the others. Er, you can go for a cup of tea now.”
“You know I don’t drink tea.”
“Well a cup of whatever it is then, dismiss.”
In a surly manner Ruhtra exited by the drain.
“Scubbins!” cried the colonel as he pretended to shuffle some papers on the desk.
The colour sergeant entered the room and stood straight, “Yes Sir!”
“Gather the men will you, I need to brief them.”
“You want me to gather them up in their briefs?”
“No man, tell them to come into my office so that I can explain the mission to them.”
As Scubbins left he smiled, it was his way of getting back at his pompous commander.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

TEABAG part 2

Looking out of the window the colonel thought about his story so far. He was a clone, another clone, of King Arthur. Produced at the Tulox clone factory on Reema V. “What did that make now?” he whispered and then began to add them up on his fingers. There was good old battle chieftain Arthur, the original. Then there was the Arthur of the Arth series (he was a clone of him.) Art came next, from the Sci Fi  dimension. (Sci Fi sounds a bit like Hi Fi, I suppose it’s supposed to.) Arthur 2 before he disappeared. Evil Arthur from the anti-matter/alternate universe. Then there was himself - another clone of Arth Arthur. And lastly there was him!
He picked up a cup that he hadn’t noticed before to take a drink. As he lifted it up to his lips a pair of eyes appeared on it and blinked at him. “Aargh!” he exclaimed as he threw it away.
It didn’t smash but globbed to the floor and slowly turned into, himself!
“Why do you always do that?” he asked, of the shape changer.
“All the better to see you with,” retorted the cup/colonel/thing.
“What do you want Ruhtra?”
“Nothing, I thought I’d introduce myself to the readers.”
“Think of another reason, we can’t break the 4th wall so soon.”
“Erm,” thought Ruhtra, “special mission?”
“The one where we have to retrieve secret technology.”
“How do you know about that and I do not?”
“Ways and means old chap, ways and means.”
“You know it really is disconcerting conversing with you. You look and sound so much like me.”
“In the mirror?”
“Yeas... in the mirror. It’s really because you’re a copy of the evil Arthur from the anti-matter/alternate universe aren't you?”
“We both know that already?”
“Yes but the read...” he stopped himself, “um, tell me about this special mission then.”
“What, so you can explain it to the others and get to look good in front of them?”
“I am the ranking officer.”
“I outrank you, I was commissioned on the 24th of July 1884.”
“So was I.”
“But I said it first.”
“Doesn't count, anyway you’re lying, just like you always do. You’re supposed to be a liaison between Zathan and Her Majesty’s Britannic forces on Thera.”
“On my own world I’m an emperor.”
“No, you’re part of an emperor.”
“Part of an emperor is more important than a full colonel.”
“Just get on with the explanation or I’ll zap you,” Arthur drew out his stun pistol and turned it to shock then threatened the wayward shape changer with it.
“All right, all right,” he said as he held up his hands, “Let’s begin.”

Monday, 1 December 2014

TEABAG part 1

The East Anglian Bombardiers and Grenadiers


The colonel sat at his desk facing the door. A fire crackled in the grate and pictures of his loved ones adorned the mantelpiece. He was writing a report to be sent to head office but was thinking about a reprimand he had to give to one of the men under his command.
There came a knock at the door and he replied to it, “Enter!”
As the door opened his colour sergeant shouted, “Left, right, left, right!”
The boots of the private rang out in unison to the sergeant’s staccato of commands.
Marching in then stopping on command the soldier saluted his officer.
“Private Plattington reporting for reprimand Sir,” explained the NCO from beyond the doorway.
“Thank you Sergeant,” replied the colonel.
The door was then closed to give the colonel and private privacy.
Colonel Pendragon carried looking at his report, leaving Plattington to stand there still at attention. “Is that enough attention Plattington?”
“Pardon Sir?”
“Maybe if you had paid greater attention to me before you would not be standing to attention in front of me now.” he pushed the report away from himself and looked with a withering gaze at the private.
The private looked to the ground in shame.
“I wanted to give you your first stripe.”
“The whip Sir?”
“No man, your corporal’s stripe. You could have led your own platoon. It could have been called ‘Plattington’s Platoon’, which would have been quite funny.” He thought quite quietly to himself, “If we had a platypus mascot then we could house it with him and it would be called Plattington’s Platoon Platypus.”
“Sorry Sir?”
“It’s no good saying sorry now, you’ve done the deed.” Colonel Pendragon mused for a little while, “What was it again that I’m supposed to be punishing you for?” He leant over the desk to look at his notes.
“Annoying chatter Sir,” replied Plattington.
“Annoying chatter? I get that all the time off the colour sergeant.” Tapping his billy stick on the table he tried to remember, “Who made that stupid rule up?”
“You Sir, it’s not in the TEABAG manual.”
“Oh, well. It seems a bit silly now doesn’t it. I must have been particularly annoyed at somebody chattering.”
“It was Chatteris Sir, he chatters all the time.”
“So who reported you then?”
“Chatteris Sir, he said he couldn’t get a word in edgeways.”
“How ironic, Chatteris reporting you for chattering annoyingly.” As he walked to one side of the desk he made a decision, “It’s not a bad enough offence to lose a stripe over. I’m still going to promote you to bombardier, which is also what a corporal is called in the artillery. Er, and you have to look after the new regimental mascot, a platypus...” Pendragon threw a stripe across the table.
Plattington grabbed it, smiled and saluted.
“Dismissed,” also smiled the colonel as he tapped his forehead in acknowledgement. “Scubbins!” he then bellowed.
The colour sergeant entered and stood to attention, “Sir.”
“I’ve promoted Plattington and given him a platypus.”
“So that’ll be Peter Plattington’s Platoon platypus then?”
“He’s called Peter is he?”
“Yes Sir, it’s better than being called Pat. Pat Plattington’s...” he began.
“That’s all Colour Sergeant.”
Scubbins smiled, clicked his heels and turned to leave.

Friday, 28 November 2014


When I walked my wife to her piano lesson I popped in at The Walnut Tree, had a cup of coffee and wrote about 200 words. Cut out and sewed another leg and modeled a FSH base to work on. Also got my Victorian 28mm miniatures from Australia. They got here quicker than parcels posted in England!!!

Today's joke is:

"I want a ticket round the world."

"One way?"

BMW, just thought I'd mention it...

Thursday, 27 November 2014


I managed to write nearly 150 words today at my brother-in-law's garage. I have also sewed up the other pair of trousers and cut out another half. I am planning to try to complete a full figure's dress on Saturday so that I can use it for the frontispiece on Sunday.

A baker is a man who has his fingers in many pies!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Today I bought another two Action Men and a Max Steel from the charity shop in Haxby. I now have enough figures for the tableaux. I have nearly sewed another pair of trousers. I will need to get at least one figure completely ready for Sunday, that's when the first bit goes on my blog!

Today's joke is:

The chief cause of all divorces is matrimony!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Today I bought some latex rubber. I will re sculpt the Foreign Service Helmet then cover it in latex. I also priced up some resin glue that I will try to cast it out of.

Today's joke is:

"I will call my mount Radish, then I can say, 'Look, there's my horse Radish!'"

Monday, 24 November 2014


Made no time to do any writing today. I wrote two sentences of planning. Yesterday I sewed some more trousers for my Action Man. I was given a joke, but I'll put it on tomorrow.

Friday, 21 November 2014


Today I typed in about 500 words and wrote just over 150. Martin also helped me a little with the bathroom puns. Looked for Italeri miniatures at P & S and the Perry miniatures in Boyes. Found out that Games Workshop had discontinued the Praetorian guard about 6 years ago.

Today's joke is:

How can you get four suits for a pound coin?
Buy a deck of cards.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Four pairs of short

So I did no writing today, I was too busy and things. Did get my Action Man boots though from the main post office. I have five pairs of long boots and four pairs of short.

Four pairs of short sounds a bit like Sid the dwarf and his twin brother meeting themselves at least three times while time travelling!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Sat down for about 5 minutes at my brother-in-law's garage and wrote about 20 words and also tried to figure out how chapter 3 is going to start. My son's garage tent came today, to protect his Volkswagen from the weather. I helped him get it to the garage but let him ring me when he wanted help with it. The roof is now protecting the car!

Today's joke is:

Borrow money from pessimists - they don't expect it back!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Jacket Arm

I typed in about 300 words today and finished the end of chapter 2 at Starbucks in Monk’s Cross. I was planning to type in 1,000 words but have not done so far. Maybe I woke up too late.

Last night I sewed a jacket arm on (nearly.)

Today’s joke is:

Teacher: "What is the future tense of the statement: 'I had killed a thief'?"
Student: "You will go to jail."

Monday, 17 November 2014


I sewed up the tunic bodice, cut out two arms and sewed one together. I also wrote 250 words while I was waiting for my wife at a piano lesson. I have decided I will get just two costumes made up and use two figures for the initial rough cover. I'll make the rest over Christmas.

Today's joke is:

I hate Russian dolls, they're so full of themselves!

Saturday, 15 November 2014


I managed to write about 100 words today. Also walked into town and bought some red and green cloth for my British soldier tunics. Played Coup today and enjoyed it, also a bit of Love Letter.

People must think I'm Coup Coup playing so many games!

Thursday, 13 November 2014


So I managed to write 500 words today, which pleased me. I also re read what I wasn't happy with the other day and decided to keep it as it was. That makes about 2,000 words of chapter 2.

Today's joke is:

Don't you hate it when someone answers their own questions? I do.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Back Pocket

I didn't do any writing today. I did fold up and put in my back pocket the bit I had done the other day, in case I got a chance to work on it, but I never.

Hopefully I'll be able to do about 500 words tomorrow.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I typed in nearly 700 words today. Had a bad nights sleep last night because of the bad review. Shattered all day and had to go to bed earlier for a few hours. I feel a bit better now. You can't please all of the people some of the time.

Today's joke is:

The other day, I went to KFC. I didn't know Kentucky had a football club.

Monday, 10 November 2014


Well it seems as though I rubbed someone up the wrong way. When somebody doesn't get your jokes but is polite enough to continue talking to you then gives you a bad review it is really a shellshocker.

I did write about 300 words today but it is not very funny (even WITH my sense of humour.) I'll have to work on it a bit tomorrow when I will also try to type in about 1,000 words.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Play area

No writing today, well just a little, a bit of planning. We had the grandkids all day until quite late. And we didn't go for a coffee or to a play area so no time there.

Today's joke is:

A disciple went to his master and said, "I have served you faithfully for ten years. Now I have a wish: give me something to eat which will never end." 

His master said, "Here, have some chewing gum!"

Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Resistance

I bought The Resistance board game today, to play tomorrow, hopefully! While I was in town I looked at some Italeri miniatures. I was told they will be getting some more in next week. At Waitrose I wrote just over 200 words. I hope it's funny enough.

Today's joke is:

Lazy People Fact #5812672793
You were too lazy to read that number.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


I managed to write 200 words today in Waitrose. I am just finishing a bit of sewing on my tunic. I did scout for red material today, and though I couldn't find any red Melton I did find some fine cloth in Boye's (or as they say in York, Boyes's!)

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Change the pattern

I stayed in for something today and so planned to sew my Victorian Action costume. I sewed up the shoulders and one side. I then started on the collar. It sort of works but now I've sewed it it's too short. I am going to have to change the pattern for the rest of the tunics I'll be making.

Today's joke is:

I have kleptomania. But when it gets really bad, I take something for it.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Action Man

On Sunday I bought 3 Action Man/action figures. I then started to make and finished today a pair of black trousers. I have also started work on a red tunic. the trousers look OK but the tunic looks a bit dodgy so far. I also managed to write about 400 words of TEABAG.

Saturday, 1 November 2014


Today I wrote about 100 words of TEABAG, some at my daughter's and some at my friend's. I also typed in about 200 words of chapter one and sent it to myself as an email. I shall not be doing the NANOWRIMO this year although I still need to write the third KENDRA book. I'll try to write 500 words of TEABAG a day though.

Today's joke is:

I totally understand how batteries feel because I’m rarely ever included in things either.

Friday, 31 October 2014


Yesterday I managed to do a drawing of three soldiers posing. I need at least 7 for the front cover of TEABAG. Today I did some research about Richard III. I don't think I'll use Shakespearean quotes but the character may talk in a Shakespearean way.

Today's joke is:

I was in the Army once and the sergeant said to me ‘What does surrender mean?’ I said ‘I give up!’

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Drawing instead

I was too tired yesterday to writ my blog. I also didn't write anything, however I did think about my ideas for the Richard III android and its dual personality. I might get a chance to write today I'll have to see. My grandkids are coming around so I may be drawing instead.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Today I did no writing but I did do a rough drawing of Gunby dressed in a red tunic and Foreign Service Helmet. Then my daughter's electricity went off and it was quite difficult drawing by my phone's torchlight.

Monday, 27 October 2014


Over the weekend I did some LARPing with my grandkids, son and family friends, I enjoyed it. I also made a better sword with a fishing rod and carrimat, I have been wanting to do it for a couple of years now. Wrote about 200 words today of TEABAG chapter two.

Today's joke is:

In ancient Egypt, papyrus farmers taught people the importance of reeding.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Action Man

I didn't do any writing or drawing today. I did keep three pieces of clothing back to make my Action Man a red tunic and Anglo Zulu war type clothing. (For the cover of TEABAG.) My son also said I could borrow one of his action men. Just another 6 or 7 to go!

I have also been trying to fine sewing patterns for them on line but no luck so far. However there is a picture of an Action Man dressed in British colonial uniform of the 1870s!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Today I finished the end of chapter one of TEABAG. However I left my pad out and it got a little wet on one of the pages with a small amount of spilled coffee. Chatted a little to Richard about the idea for a TEABAG type PC platformer with metal men led by an android against the team. We'll see if it comes to anything.

Monday, 20 October 2014

A Short Story

I wrote 200 words today, inked in the female unicorn and drew John Bull(dog). I am thinking of putting TEABAG on my blog over Christmas at 500 words per day. Then a week or two later putting it on Wattpad. So far I have done about a chapter or 2,500 words if it is a short story.

OWIA 3 is free from tomorrow.

Today's joke is:

I used to be a banker but I lost interest!

Saturday, 18 October 2014


I wrote about 20 words today, the bit I had thought about on my bicycle two days ago. Also looked at the event cards for my card game and inked in another picture for it.

Today's joke is:

When the drummer moved back in next door there were many repercussions.

Thursday, 16 October 2014


I wrote about 100 words today, that reminds me I need to write down a bit I thought of while cycling back on my bike.

Today's joke is:

What do you call a cow with no legs?

Ground beef!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

To No Avail

I wrote about 120 words today. Also looked through two sets of old encyclopedias to try to find pictures of Victorian soldiers, but to no avail.

Today's joke is:

Broken puppets for sale. No strings attached!

Monday, 13 October 2014

A Good Joke

Today I managed to write about 400 words of my story. Also heard a good joke.

I was into snail racing. I was told to take the shell off my snail to make it go faster, but it went a bit sluggish afterwards!

Friday, 10 October 2014


I wrote about 400 words today, used the bit I made up yesterday but didn't know where to put.

Where to put, sounds a bit like a problem a golfer might have!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Thought about his name...

Today's total ia about 400 words as well, making about 1,000 words altogether. I have introduced the shape changer. Thought about his name at my brother-in-law's garage. It seems to be working so far.

Today's joke is:

How do you not cry when peeling an onion? Try not to empathize with it's situation!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

(the story)

I wrote about another 400 words of my story today, in Waitrose. Also forgot the joke I put on here yesterday, my son reminded me of it so I could tell Will. If I'm not careful I'll finish it before I know what it (the story) is about!

Today's joke is:

I had an account with a bank in the North Pole, but they froze all my assets!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Wattpad First

Sid And Arthur's Steampunk Adventure Part 6 got to number one again over the weekend in Young Adult, Science Fiction, Steampunk. (When I say again I mean like SAASA 4 and 5.)

I also started a new story today called The East Anglian Bombardiers and Grenadiers. I am not planning it to be any length and may put it on Wattpad first.

Today's joke is:

 The divers had to be careful, the octopus was heavily armed!

Friday, 3 October 2014


Finished proof reading SAASA 6 and added something for the missing bit. It will be on Amazon from tomorrow and FREE from Sunday. :)

Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Pilgrimage of Grace

I saw Dr Janina Ramirez today, filming her BBC programme about The Pilgrimage of Grace. I shook her hand and told her about The Groom of the Stool, King Henry the VIII and the little window he had put in the King's Manor so that he could see out into the street as he went to the toilet. :)

I again searched for the piece of my story that's missing, I also started to work on a bit to put in if I can't find it by Friday. Whoops! It's Friday now!!!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Missing Piece

Still can't find the missing piece of my story. Can remember the next line but after that there's about 200 words missing. If I cannot find it I'll have to make something else up. I have found all of the pieces of paper I thought it was and raked off my document shelf but still no luck. Typed in the last 300 words at Waitrose.

Today's joke is:

What do you call an unmarried female moth?

A myth!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I took my iPad to Starbucks, Monks Cross today and typed in over 1,000 words. It has really inspired me to play a steampunk PC game as Arthur. There was one part of the story missing though, I wrote it on a separate piece of paper and need to find it.

When I got to my daughter's I cut out the Arth card game cards I had printed out at the weekend. At least now I can playtest a 3 player game.

Today's joke is (out of the new animal joke book my wife bought me today):

What kind of sharks never eat women?

Man eating ones!

Monday, 29 September 2014


I managed to type in about 1,500 words of SAASA 6 today. About 1,000 to go then I can proof it to put on at the weekend. Got to #1 again in science fiction, young adult, steampunk. Had no chance to do any drawing today but we did find the document we needed to re-tax the car.

Today's joke is:

If you lean over a balcony and cut open a rotten peach you will see the pitfall!

Friday, 26 September 2014


I drew one picture today, proof read SAASA 5 and put it on Amazon. It should be FREE on Sunday.

Today's joke is:

Heard a myth about a single bed placed on top of another one, and attached with a ladder. Fortunately, I was able to debunk it.

Thursday, 25 September 2014


I did two drawings today and proof read 3 pages of SAASA5.

A funny thing happened to me on the way to a bank, I bumped into a clown...

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Did lots of housekeeping things today so only typed in about 500 words and did 3 drawings.

Maybe had an idea for a York based detective book series...

Today's joke is:

I hate cliff hangers, do you know what I'm going to do about it...?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Home Publishing

I managed to type in about 1,000 words today and do a drawing and a half. Then in Waitrose I saw a man I know and discussed self publishing on the Kindle with him for about an hour.

Today's joke is:

Cartoonist found dead at home, details are sketchy!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Niche Market

I drew 3 drawings today and typed in 750 words, a little short on what I wanted to do.

Got to number 1 for Science Fiction, Steampunk, Young Adult on Amazon at the weekend. (It's amazing what 14 free downloads in one day will do in a niche market!)

Saturday, 20 September 2014

FREE on Sunday

Finished typing in SAASA 5, it should be on by next weekend. The free promotion for SAASA 4 might start in about 10 minutes... but will probably be underway tomorrow morning sometime.

Also did 1 drawing today.

I'm not doing a joke today, download the short story for FREE and laugh lots!

Friday, 19 September 2014


I typed in 500 words of SAASA 5 and drew one drawing in Waitrose. I also scanned the other pictures in and put SAASA 4 on Amazon. I was planning to have it free tomorrow but it will have to be Sunday now.

Today's joke is:

Trapped in a container ship, a freight worse than death!

Thursday, 18 September 2014


I managed to type in 500 words today, and also do two drawings. I finished one at my daughter's house while having a cup of coffee then did another at Waitrose with my free coffee. I am thinking about formatting SAASA 4 tonight to put on Amazon for Saturday.

Today's joke is:

Then a bag of cement went past at 100 miles an hour. I thought, “That’s quicksand.”

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


I still felt a bit funny after my cycle ride last night. So I typed in about 500 words today and did two drawings. If I can do about another 100 words of typing then I will finish chapter nine.

Today's joke is:

Well actually my wife was funny yesterday.

I saw a small car with Quality Street logos all over it.

"Mint!" said my son.

"No, it's chocolate!" replied my wife :)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Family members

I thought I had done so well today, I typed in four pages of SAASA 5 and thought I had done 1,000 words. I really did about 850. So altogether, yesterday and today I have typed in 1,500 words :(

I also drew 3 drawings for my game and scanned all 8 pictures in. Cut some paper copies out with my granddaughter. She loves them because some of the characters are family members.

Today's joke is:

What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A Gummy Bear!

Monday, 15 September 2014


While I put the sample of Attack on Thera on my blog I managed to finish SAASA 6 and finish typing in and proof read SAASA 4. I was going to put it on Amazon for free at the weekend but I'll do that next weekend. I have also typed in about 700 words of SAASA 4 today and produced 4 drawings for my card game.

Today's joke is:

I can't believe I got fired from the calendar factory. All I did was take a day off!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Attack on Thera (Chapter Seven.)


After helping to clear up the last groups of attackers Lizzie made her way to the conference room where Simpkins and the others had been holed up. She still had Paul’s notebook and made her way to give it to him. 
When they had heard that there was an attack under way Paul and Simpkins had directed those in the room to make a barricade at the main doors. Paul then led some of the others to a weapons locker and they armed themselves. Some of the advanced forces did attack the room but Simpkins and his men managed to hold them off until the metal men came. Two metal men smashed down the barricade and went about killing its occupants. Three guards were dead before the metal men were defeated with the new energy weapons that the giants had left behind on the flying island.
Paul smiled at her as she got up to him, “You’ve seen some action then?” she asked as she handed him the notebook.
“I saw you at the other end of the passage near the pads, so you had a bit as well.” He took the notebook off her.
“Just a bit, I think I need a cup of tea now.” Cheekily she looked back at him as she left.

Later on, in the break, she had a meeting with Paul in his office. She was most upset by the fact that there must have been a spy who had helped the Andacians. “So how did they get onto the island?”
“There must have been a spy on board, who switched the travel pads on,” replied Paul.
“Who is the spy then, we need to know straight away.”
“Maybe they came in with the delegations for the summit.”
“How do we check that then?”
“I have no idea, maybe ask the delegates to check them out themselves?”
“Well at least we know it wasn’t done by the delegates because they were all at the summit.” She slapped her hand upon the desk as she looked out of his drawing room window, “I think we need Simpkins, he’s a good detective.”
“We could question Dr. Oswald, he’s in the brig. He could be quite helpful.”
She smiled a wry smile, “I’ll go and get Simpkins so we can question him.” 
“Maybe you had better let Hannay have something to do with the investigation as well, keeping good relations with the Tyreen etc. Do you have any ideas about who the spy may be?”
“I don’t know…” the Vuridanian general was on her mind, “I think it is strange how Leegan started off life as a liaison officer then became a general in a few months. He was supposed to have been captured by pirates, but I’m sure I saw him in Pintarn only days after. When I asked him about it earlier he got quite upset.”
The English officer tapped his notebook on the desk gently, “Just a feeling then?”
“See what you can find out about him, but be discreet.”
She nodded an acknowledgement then went to find out about Leegan before he left with his delegation.

Really, she didn’t know where she was going to start. If she questioned anyone in his delegation then they were probably on his side anyway. Did she know anyone who knew him before? While she thought about it she would go back into the meeting to observe him.
Because the attack came before anything had properly been decided about how they should deal with Andacia the delegates were holding their meeting in another smaller room. There were two guards at the door armed with Mk II electric rifles. She needed no ID for they knew who she was. As she entered some in the room looked at her including Leegan. She sat at their table and listened.
“We cannot attack the Andacians, they are part of our alliance against the Hoo,” said General Bridell of Chelac.
“Surely the fact that they were Andacians who have just attacked us shows that we have to attack them back,” replied Rotok.
“But why have they planned the attack on us in secret? Why not just declare war?”
No one at the table seemed to know except Wagstaff, “It is because they have been infiltrated by the Hoo, they have used clones to replace key officials. The common people do not want war with us.”
“So we just need to attack their military then.”
“What bothers me is that they tried to take New Britannia, that is an act of war.”
“Against the British.”
“And now the Tyreen because they are their allies.”
Lizzie motioned Wagstaff over and whispered to him, “I did spot one thing, one of the soldiers who attacked us was a Vurindanian. He was not with the delegation but dressed as a common soldier. I met him at the ambassador’s palace, he was an aide. What is somebody from Vurindai doing dressed as a soldier in the Andacian army?”
“Was he a spy do you think? And if he was then was he an Andacian pretending to be a Vurindanian? He was not with the delegation from Vurindai so he must have come through on the pads. Something doesn’t add up.”
“I suspect something is wrong with Leegan. He was a liaison officer a month or two ago, now he’s a general. Paul has asked me to find out about him.”
“You go and do that then and I’ll keep my eye on him here.”

She guessed that Simpkins would be down in the brig. She was right. There were only four cells and they were all completely full. The giants were in one cell, Oswald, Hawkins and the other doctor in another. There were ten Andacians each in the other two cells. Simpkins had one of the soldiers out of the cell and was taking him into a nearby office. One of the guards kept a gun on the prisoner at all times.
Lizzie came in behind them to listen.
“What is your name?” asked Simpkins.
The man did not answer.
“Are you an Andacian?”
He smiled smugly but still did not answer.
Simpkins picked up one of his hands to look at. There was a scar along the edge, “He’s a Gite.”
The guard who was with them grew a little tense.
Simpkins took Lizzie to one side, “We’ll get nothing out of him. I’ve heard it tell that the Hoo and Gites are able to take an incredible amount of punishment without talking.”
As Lizzie started to shake her head the Gite grabbed for the guard’s rifle. The guard discharged it into the Gite’s stomach. Still the prisoner managed to grab the gun and turn it around towards the guard. Simpkins kicked the rifle away just in time and the discharge hit the wall. The prisoner fell dead on the floor.
“We need a clone or a human to get them to talk,” said Simpkins as he looked at the corpse near their feet.
She went back into the brig with the others and looked through the bars. Looking at their hands she noticed one who did not have a scar on his hands. “That one, he’s a human,” she told Simpkins. But too late, another Gite grabbed the man and broke his neck before they could get the cell door open.
Simpkins banged the bars in anger, “Hated spawn of hell!” he cried.
Lizzie put her arm round his shoulder, “Come on, let’s go to the medical room.”

Now, though the metal doctors aboard the ship could repair all of the wounded, there were so many of them that some had to lie in the hallways on stretchers to await their treatment. Lizzie and John checked the ‘Andacian’s’ hands and found one who was unconscious with no scars on his hands. “Now he’s either a newer Gite, the one the doctor spoke about or a human,” whispered Simpkins.
“Let’s put him first in the queue so that metal doctor can fix him,” suggested Lizzie, “then we can question him.”
One of the other wounded ones there protested that somebody else was being moved ahead of him. “I will lose my leg if you’re not quick.”
Lizzie saw he was a Gite, “You’re lucky we didn’t kill you all, it would have been a lot easier.”
The man shook his head as they carried the other unconscious man into the medical room. Another Gite had been healed and was getting off the table. He saw that the man they were carrying was a human and guessed what their plan was. Grabbing the man around the chest he began to crush him, he wasn’t in the right position to grab his neck. Simpkins caught hold of the Gite and tried to pull his arms off only to be thrown back against the wall. Lizzie smacked the half giant on the back of the head with a piece of machinery that was lying in the medical room. It broke his skull but still the half giant crushed the air out of his prey. Lizzie felt helpless as she had left her pistols back in her room. Another blow to his head by Simpkins brought him to his knees. He released the other still unconscious man. The guard who was in the hallway finally came in brandishing his rifle.
“Very good Private,” admonished Simpkins as he panted with exertion, “better late than never.” He helped Lizzie up who had fallen to the floor.
The guard helped Simpkins lay the other prisoner on the bed. Lizzie asked the doctor robot to repair the patient on the bed. Once the medical metal man had done his job Lizzie and the others made him get up and walk to another nearby room with them. 
“What’s your name?” asked Simpkins.
“What’s your name,” he asked more forcefully.
“Arthur Grisdale.”
“Are you an Andacian or a Vurindanian?” asked Lizzie.
Simpkins looked at her, she seemed to be taking the questioning in a different direction.
“Why are you dressed as an Andacian soldier?”
“They wanted to make up the numbers.”
“Who wanted to make up the numbers?” asked Simpkins.
“The Red Pirates.”
Neither of them had heard who the Red Pirates were. “Who are the Red Pirates?” she asked.
He couldn’t believe her question, “Are you new or something? Who do you think steals all the tea from here to Sanctum?”
“Maybe you should be called the Red Tea Pirates,” Simpkins joked. “Why are you attacking us?” 
“I don’t know, we usually just attack tea ships. More recently though we’ve had an influx of new mates.”
“New mates?”
“Yeah, you know, people joining the Reds. Since then we’ve been doing slightly different things. Stealing technology here, assassination there, you know.”
Simpkins was thinking and looking at Lizzie trying to work Arthur out, is he telling the truth?! “Who is your leader?”
“Gaptooth Weston.” He shook his head, “What’s the use of being a bloodthirsty pirate if no one has even heard of you.”
“Is he one of the new ones?”
“Naw, he’s been pirating since I was a lad. Scourge of the Blue Sea he is. Everyone’s heard of Gaptooth Weston…” he paused a little, “except you lot!” He laughed and slapped his leg.
“Do the new mates have a leader?” Lizzie asked the pirate.
“Sort ‘o, skinny feller, bit of a wimp if you ask me.”
“That sounds like Leegan,” she commented to the others. “Is he called Leegan?” she asked Arthur.
“His name’s Cray, Elijah Cray.”
“Is he a Vurindanian?”
“I don’t know what he is, but the newer mates look to him for leadership and old Gaptooth just seems to go along for the ride.”
The interrogators talked to each other, “It sounds like this Elijah Cray is really Leegan,” thought Lizzie.
“We’ll need Arthur to check Leegan out to make sure though,” suggested Simpkins. He looked him up and down, “I’ll get him dressed in one of our uniforms and take him in.”
“How do we know we can trust him?” wondered Lizzie.
“Just show him what the Gite prisoners did to that other pirate in the cells,” he said quite loudly.
“Don’t worry,” said Arthur, “they have just tried to kill me. Gites you say? I should have known they weren’t real tea pirates, they didn’t like tea!”

Arthur got dressed in a British uniform, but his hair was too long so Simpkins had him pile it up inside his Foreign Service helmet. After combing his beard he smiled at himself in the mirror.
“Very pretty Arthur, now all you have to do is stand on guard duty in the room until I tell you I don’t need you. Can you do that?” asked John.
Standing to attention Arthur showed him what he could do. Simpkins readjusted Arthur’s rifle where it should be. He also made him tuck his tummy in.
“Will Leegan, or Cray, remember you?”
“Not dressed like this he won’t.”