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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

TEABAG part 3

“There is a code book kept in the tower of Tarrelo, the capital of the Andacian empire. This code book unlocks an ancient Hoo secret to unlimited power. So far the Andacians have not been able to decode it, but, now their empire is overrun with Gites, clones and Hoo spies, they might get their hands on it. They will have an easier time decoding it for it is coded in one of the Hoo’s ancient tongues.”
“What, you mean they used one of their chopped off tongues to write in? Savages!”
“No, I did not mean that. I know you’re really not that stupid so don’t interrupt me again.” Ruhtra turned to the map on the wall that had just conveniently appeared there. “We will fly in via airship, pretending to be traders. Hover over the tower, shimmy down ropes and get in...” he looked at Arthur who seemed to want to speak, “go on?”
“But couldn’t you do the whole mission on your own, being a shape changer and all?”
“They may have anti shape-changer technology, so I need to take you lot with me in case they have.”
Arthur smiled, he felt useful again, “Carry on.”
“Once we’re inside we need to make our way down to the deepest dungeon and break in through the bars, retrieve the code book, then make our escape?”
“What do we make our ‘S’ cape out of? Is it for Superman?”
“I do believe humans are stupid.”
Completely randomly Arthur asked, “You’re one of the shape changers who was part of Zattaz aren’t you?”
“So a bit of you is evil then?”
“Just a little bit.”
“Can’t you chop it off, you know, the evil bit?”
“It would be like you chopping your head off, it wouldn’t affect your intelligence but you wouldn’t look so nice.”
“Hrumph!” hrumphed Arthur, “I think I’ve heard enough now to explain it to the others. Er, you can go for a cup of tea now.”
“You know I don’t drink tea.”
“Well a cup of whatever it is then, dismiss.”
In a surly manner Ruhtra exited by the drain.
“Scubbins!” cried the colonel as he pretended to shuffle some papers on the desk.
The colour sergeant entered the room and stood straight, “Yes Sir!”
“Gather the men will you, I need to brief them.”
“You want me to gather them up in their briefs?”
“No man, tell them to come into my office so that I can explain the mission to them.”
As Scubbins left he smiled, it was his way of getting back at his pompous commander.

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