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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Shake your spear

Finished the Shakespeare themed story for the sic-fi Smackdown yesterday morning and put it on Wattpad. The cover is not very good so I will work on that tomorrow. I looked at some videos of A Midsummer Night's Dream on YouTube to help me out. I did do that play for my O Level in English Literature about 30 years ago. I tried to write 500 words a day. It needed something else so I made it humorous. Tried to make it a bit sparklier but I ran out of time and only really had time to proof read it. I did manage to keep up with The 24 but did put the last part on early this morning because I went to a friend's birthday party. So I haven't done anything for A DaVinci Co-Ed, I will have to try to get something done this week.

Friday, 15 June 2012

The Valley of Death.

Unusually, as I was driving my wife into Leeds, both a police car (in the guided lane to my right) and an ambulance responder (in the bus lane to the left) both seemed to be racing each other with lights flashing and sirens blaring. They jointly got to the corner and turned different ways!!! Do you think they were really racing each other? How unusual though.

Wrote about 300 words of The 24 and 300 of ADC. Worked on the Sci-Fi Shakespeare story yesterday. A Midsummer Night's Hologram I am planning. Goblins, Elves, weddings etc. (You may have guessed, I did get through to the next round of the Sci-Fi Smackdown.) I think I will make it funny but try not to do 4th wall jokes, we'll see. I can't remember what the other thing was that I wanted to comment on. Something else to do with Leeds I think.

Had a cup of coffee in Starbucks and didn't do any writing!!! Shock!!!

Police to the right of me, ambulance to the left of me,
Into the valley of Leeds rode the wife and I.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

When you're a Jet....

I may get into the next round of the Sci-Fi Smackdown on Wattpad, which is the Shakespeare round. I did read a Midsummers Night Dream for my English Literature O' Level when I was about 21. "Are we all met..." springs to mind, and Puck and Bottom, and a donkey's head and some fairies.

Wrote about 250 words of the 24 and 250 words of Chapter 2 of ADC. (That is nearly the AC/DC acronym!) Also managed to type in the beginning of Chapter 2.

Feel a little bit calmer than at the weekend.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Nearly Back to Normal

The Kendra promotion has finished. Still only marginally better than the last one I ran. I did, however, get 1,000 extra people following me on Twitter. And now have about 30 people reTweeting me whereas I only had about 8 before. People are still interested in Kendra, I am turning the 24 into the next Kendra book. Managed to write 400 words of it yesterday after my granddaughter's birthday party yesterday. Got the old puppet theatre out and after the obligatory pig and cow performance I managed to introduce them to Batman and the Riddler!!! The younger ones were a bit scared of my ventriloquist frog. Also managed to start chapter two of 'A DaVinci Co-Ed.' That's probably the title of the next one, and then again...

Sunday, 3 June 2012


Dark he was and olive eyed. Fierce as the sun and white as the moon. He led an army of 10,000 men all trained in the arts of war. He lived in the Bosom of Abraham with his wife and children, but warred upon the earth to satiate his battle lust and need for adventure. A half angel saved from the flood and, because of his home, an immortal. This is the story of Kendra the Nephilim.

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