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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Back and There Again.

Have written 2,000 words of ADC, only 500 to write and it's finished, bar the epilogue. So it looks as though next week is typing in and the week after proofreading. Have stopped writing The 24 until I have finished ADC. I have put two thirds of it on Wattpad which is what I usually do. Also managed to write another page of The Gangster Brothers, that's about 1,250 so far.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Typing while watching 24

I have finished writing chapter 11 of A DaVinci Co-Ed. I did the word count yesterday but just needed to finish on some kind of punch line. Managed to finish typing in chapter 5. I was also able to do about another 250 words of The Gangster Brothers, that makes about 1,000 altogether. I am working on their Nemesis, or is it Nemesees? The Smiths, Goldsmith, Wordsmith, Gunsmith etc. I am planning to have them as either detectives or super hero types.

Monday, 10 September 2012

New Post

I have a new post. It is in my garden, waiting to be chopped up for the stud partition wall repair!! I managed to finish chapter 10 within time last week which made me feel less under pressure on Saturday. Unfortunately never worked on any of The Gangster Brothers. They were a nasty piece of work, Stig Nasty made them. Kept up with The 24 by writing about 100 words a day. I now have a better feel for how it's going to end. I have only just realised that the slips I give out to prospective buyers did not have the Smashwords free link on them. No wonder they were confused when I told them 'Look, there's the free one on Smashwords'.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Typing Blog while watching Sharpe's Challenge

I managed to finish Chapter 9 of ADC on Monday and have written 1,086 words of chapter 10. Nearly completed 18,000 words of The Twenty Four. Have been working on what will happen at the end of the Arth Series. Wrote a little bit more of The Gangster Brothers but I think I'll hold off putting it on Wattpad for now. I have also typed in the first three chapters of ADC.