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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Strange Coincidence

As I was eating my lunch in the car, in Leeds, waiting for my wife I was listening to the Radio 4 North/South quiz programme. They were asking 4 questions and you had to guess how they were related. The first was a line from Jerusalem the hymn. The second was a song by Roxy Music, which I knew, cannot remember the third but the fourth was a line from a Laurel and Hardy song. As they were discussing the answer I knew that Roxy Music sang Avalon from the song clip. I thought, "Shall I write a piece of fiction about Avalon." It turned out all the answers were Avalon. I just happened to look over the road from where I had parked and, I saw the sign for the Avalon Hotel which was across from me!!!

Managed to write 500 words of GHW yesterday and 200 words of TBG and wrote a Time Backwater short called Avalon. I have only written TBG today. I now have 1,035 Twitter followers today.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Wiped off excess of me following unresponsive Tweeters over the weekend. Now have 200 more following me. Wrote another 400 words of GHW chapter 11 on Saturday. Gave a coffee girl my book title and name to check out the first chapter of the Crying Pennant on the Kindle.

Thursday, 22 September 2011


I put The Black Goblin 6 on Wattpad today. I had typed it in last night. Walked to Starbucks and had a very large coffee. Wrote about 550 words of GHW and 450 words of TBG. Couldn't figure the end of TBG out until tonight, after I watched 'the Last King of Scotland'. The Last King of Scotland did not inspire me, I was just able to come up with a better punchline that linked it to the previous paragraph. Walked through the food festival on the way home and got a lift with my brother-in-law.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Back On

At last our Internet is back on. I managed to get my stories on Wattpad but didn't get to do my blog. I have had over 2,000 reads on Wattpad for The Goblin Adventures so far. I put part 5 of The Black Goblin on this morning and the next bit of TCP. Am on chapter 10 of GHW and might be finished at the end of the week. Put GSM on Smashwords at the weekend and had over 150 reads in the first 24 hours. Still need to convert reads into sales of The Arth Series. Not enough people have Kindles.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

No Internet

My internet is off at home until next week so I am having to use the library to do things internet related. Put all the stories on today and wrote 200 words of Kendra FF.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Took my son to college today to do a test. I sat in Tesco with my wife and wrote 350 words of GHW, 100 words of today's GSM, 300 words of tomorrows GSM and 70 words of a blurb for Kendra.

Later on I proof read 3 pages of Kendra.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

TCP on Wattpad

I proof read to the end of chapter two of the Battle of the Dragons. Also proofread the first two pages of Kendra. Started to use my own face as a template for the front cover of Kendra. My wife still hates it. Wrote about 230 words of GHW in garden while having a cup of coffee. Took some paper to Sainsbury's but didn't write any. Put the first 1,500 words of The Crying Pennant on Wattpad and about 60 people have read it already.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

On Again!

I managed to post a blog at my up and running again website Published Time war 5 and GSM 6 onto Wattpad. Had a bath and wrote about 200 words of GHW. Went to Scarborough with some of the family, met daughter and granddaughter there and had a meal at Boyes. Wrote about 400 words of Goblin Space Marines there. Went to Space Myth And Magic and saw Ian there, discussed books with him. At Costa Coffee I wrote another 100 words of GSM. At daughter's caravan site I wrote another 100 words of GHW and about 200 words of a Kendra flash fiction. Saw friend on the way back from Scarborough.

Monday, 5 September 2011


Wrote 200 words of GSM in bed. Wanted a better joke for the end so I reused one that Martyn Shenstone had helped me with when I wrote my sit com. Typed it in about 3.30. We need to go to York college to get my son's application in. When we go for a drink at Tesco I shall try to write 500 words of GHW. We watched an Inspector Wexford Mystery, a Last Detective and I watched a Poirrot one on my own last night. I started to come up with ideas for the 5th book in the Arth series. I was thinking of basing it in the Cowboy/Detective dimension. There would be some kind of murder for them to solve and a lot of references to detective novels and TV series'. But how to make it so that the dimension's history is full of cowboys and detectives?

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Yesterday managed to publish the 200 words I had put on Wattpad the night before. I was also in the attic yesterday raking boxes out to try and get my other PA speaker. I now have more space in the attic! I then had to get the other speaker and amp from behind the door. Had no leads so walked to Bulmer's to get two adaptors and a jack lead. Felt worn out so rested a little while I tried to put some more tunes on my MP4 player. Daughter came to pick PA gear up. Mother-in-law took me to party. Danced to a faster record than I wanted and got worn out. There was a scene over the payment of the hall at the end. We think we may have been scammed! When I got home at about 1 o'clock I put rest of Goblin Space Marines on Wattpad. Am hoping to do another 500 words of GHW today then chapter 7 may be finished!

Thursday, 1 September 2011


It was my daughter's birthday yesterday so I managed to type in what I had written at Sainsbury's and publish it on Wattpad then Tweet it. Wrote today's piece yesterday as well but wanted the punchline better. I am still not satisfied but published it anyway. Also wrote about 500 words of GHW yesteday as well, it is a little funny. Watched Premonition last night, it is like a cruel Ground Hog Day. Also insulted my web site administrator while trying to joke too much, a fault I seem to have. I hope he will put my website back up!