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Saturday, 3 September 2011


Yesterday managed to publish the 200 words I had put on Wattpad the night before. I was also in the attic yesterday raking boxes out to try and get my other PA speaker. I now have more space in the attic! I then had to get the other speaker and amp from behind the door. Had no leads so walked to Bulmer's to get two adaptors and a jack lead. Felt worn out so rested a little while I tried to put some more tunes on my MP4 player. Daughter came to pick PA gear up. Mother-in-law took me to party. Danced to a faster record than I wanted and got worn out. There was a scene over the payment of the hall at the end. We think we may have been scammed! When I got home at about 1 o'clock I put rest of Goblin Space Marines on Wattpad. Am hoping to do another 500 words of GHW today then chapter 7 may be finished!

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