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Sunday, 29 July 2012

I write...

I write in the bath, in the car, in people's gardens, Starbucks, McDonalds, libraries, in bed, on the PC, iPad, Kindle, at friend's houses, at the top of my mother-in-law's stairs, while I am walking (if I get an idea), outside the front door, Costa, on the couch, at Leeds University, at York University, at York St. John's, the garage, on the bus, York College, Tesco cafe, Sainsbury's cafe, ASDA's cafe, Debenham's cafe, on tables, the back of magazine flyers, notebooks, scraps of paper, box lids, my wife's diary, receipts, paper cups, my son's Android phone...

Do I know any famous authors?

Managed to finish chapter 5 of ADC on Friday. Finished proof reading Dan's Amderesta book on Saturday. Also managed to write about 400 words of Paradox Jones. I want to finish it for a promotion I am planning on the Kindle. A would be fan asked me if I knew any famous authors. Hah! Do I? Have I met some? Gary Gygax the inventor of Dungeons and Dragons. He was also an author, but trying to explain it to the would be fan I had to ask whether he knew the games of Oblivion or Skyrim on the XBox 360. Then he was impressed. I have also met Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone and Joe Deever who did the Fighting Fantasy books etc. I also think I saw Dennis Potter walking down the Fossgate in York city centre. My old tutor Graham Hey, he taught me animation at York College and worked for Viz and wrote 'Teenage Mum' for the Star newspaper. Do I know any famous authors? Do I? Are they famous enough? You decide.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I'm not going to tell you what the acronym SIBWAB means you'll have to guess. Managed to write 400 words of chapter four of ADC yesterday. They have turned up at a comic convention in the horror dimension. Possiblly Hurri-Con but maybe Rubi-Con. (Can you think of any other words ending with con? Or assonances?) Have kept up with 200 words a day for Kendra. Did insert 600 words in the middle though to provide a bit of character development. Put one of the poems on Wattpad I did for university about my daughter's dead rabbit. She has just started a new job. Only another couple of weeks and I will have finished putting the sample for The Sitting Duck onto Wattpad. To give me time to finish ADC I will probably have to put a sample of UAA on. SIBWAB could mean Some In Bedford Want A Bungalow... (Or as I mistyped, Bingalow. Then again was it the iPad that corrected it to Bingalow? What is a Bingalow?)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Sitting at the station

I am sitting at York train station waiting for a friend to be picked up. Only wrote 500 words of ADC on Wednesday. Have managed to keep up with the 24. Did get very down on Friday and was going to pack the whole thing in.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Post Title

Managed to do 1,000 words of ADC of chapter three last week. Looked at it yesterday and only did about fifty words of unfunny stuff. Trying to plan what they do next. Do they go to Xanadu? If they do then why did they get a call from Lebil telling them Fawh had been captured? I will try and work on it today. Done about 6,000 words on Wattpad of The 24. At least it's getting there slowly at 200 words a day. Came sixth out of twenty four in the Sci-Fi Smackdown. It didn't have as much prose or description in as they liked. Needed to spend more time on it but was unable to. Was pleased with my cover though.