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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I'm not going to tell you what the acronym SIBWAB means you'll have to guess. Managed to write 400 words of chapter four of ADC yesterday. They have turned up at a comic convention in the horror dimension. Possiblly Hurri-Con but maybe Rubi-Con. (Can you think of any other words ending with con? Or assonances?) Have kept up with 200 words a day for Kendra. Did insert 600 words in the middle though to provide a bit of character development. Put one of the poems on Wattpad I did for university about my daughter's dead rabbit. She has just started a new job. Only another couple of weeks and I will have finished putting the sample for The Sitting Duck onto Wattpad. To give me time to finish ADC I will probably have to put a sample of UAA on. SIBWAB could mean Some In Bedford Want A Bungalow... (Or as I mistyped, Bingalow. Then again was it the iPad that corrected it to Bingalow? What is a Bingalow?)

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