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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Smashwords is down. I like to check my totals of my three books on Smashwrods in the morning. Good thing for Twitter letting me know what's happening. I want somebody to talk to on Facebook to inspire me to do the next bit of Goblin Space Marines. Had 725 people read it on Wattpad, but am actually going down in the hotness factor!!! Found out a chunk of Battle of the Dragons is missing, need to search for the printout I made. The post lady was knocking on the door and I didn't hear her because I had the radio on in the kitchen. When I switched it off heard her putting things through the door. She couldn't fit the larger parcel in and needed a signature.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Re Tweet

Re tweeted and got a couple back. An extra 125 people have read The Goblin Adventures on Wattpad. Put a sample of The Crying Pennant on Good Reads. Felt dizzy and couldn't go with my wife for a coffee. Played a little more of Dragon Age when I got up. An evil little fly disturbed me from my dizzied sleep.

Friday, 26 August 2011


At last I have finished the Battle of the Dragons cover. I did about 350 words of GHW and typed 150 in. I wrote 500 words of the first part of a new flash fiction serial Goblin Space Marines. I Twittered it it Fridayreads and flash Friday etc. Had a bad nights sleep because of the stress of yesterday. Watched Marine at night. Warehouse 13 part 7 is still not on.

Thursday, 25 August 2011


Wrote 300 words of The Goblin Adventures and finished it off. Published the full thing on Smashwords and have had 65 reads and 14 people download it. An enemy commented on it on Wattpad, which is upsetting but expected in the grand scheme of things. Wrote about 350 words of Ground Hog War. Did the rest of the B, two t's and an l for Battle, I'll finish the cover tomorrow.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Still Down

The website is still down. I wrote about 230 words for TGA yesterday. I am coming to the end of the story and will publish it on Smashwords when I have. Did about 100 words of GHW. Also did 3 letters for dragon and typed in 2 pages of GHW. I think I will do a bit about a sleeping policeman today but then again that might be longer than 200 words so I may use it tomorrow. I need to start working on a front cover for Kendra so that I can put at least the first 100 pages on the Kindle as the first book of Kendra. I have started making up names for the Space Marine goblins from book 2. I will do a serial about them next.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


My website appears to be down. I managed to do two more letters for my dragon title yesterday. I will try to finish at least the dragon word today and hopefully finish TGA off. Got a nice review for TGA and it was suggested that I advertise it as a children's story. The reviewer's 9 year old brother really enjoyed it.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Ice lolly or lolly ice?

I wrote and uploaded 200 words of TGA yesterday and also managed to write about 350 words of GHW. I wrote 502 words of TGA today but couldn't put it on straight away because Wattpad are updating their servers. I say lolly ice but my wife says it is ice lolly so I have used that in today's piece. I would like to write another 500 words of GHW today and maybe that will finish chapter 5. I need to do at least one letter for the Battle of the Dragons cover. I think it is now coffee time where I will sit under the parasol and try to figure the next bit of GHW out.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Do Squink Ink?

Ate with my wife at Morrisons. Wrote the last 200 words of today's piece. Managed to writ 300 words of it yesterday and 315 words of GHW. My parasol blew over yesterday, the very reason I had to fix it in the first place, but it is ok. My dragon is finished now have to do the lettering, both large enough and hollowed out which will take some time.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Paradoxed Delight

I wrote about 250 words of GHW. It started off as an ideas session then turned into a paradoxed delight. Tried coffee with sweeteners, YEARGH! The neighbour was shouting so listened to the radio on my mobile phone. Then typed in 170 words of TGA that I had written on Saturday. Mowed the grass. Listened to Professor Elemental rapping Vs The Gentleman Rhymer. Think the Prof was outmatched. 

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Hunting The Cat

Yesterday I managed to get the box out of the kitchen and tidy up a bit for my friend bringing the washer. The cat broke the skirting board near the rotten bathroom door in the kitchen because he had got into the space between the stud partition. Tidied up near the awning. Wrote about 2 handwritten pages for TGA, the first bit was ideas. They finally try hunting some squink! The washer came about 4.30. I cut my finger near the knuckle. I had to get the old one out of the back garden and manoeuvre it down the passage on my own. I have thought about trying to finish my dragon today. 

Friday, 12 August 2011


I typed in what I did last night and saved it on Wattpad so that all I needed to do today was to publish it. Put the second part of the IPP Time Code on Wattpad and it didn't do it straight away because they were updating their servers. Wrote about 215 words of GHW and had to research about pyramidology. I had remembered something from Barry Smith but found out that it does not pan out the way it should. So his pyramidology bit has been debunked. I have still used a variation of it in the story though.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cappuccino attachment

Managed to write up the idea I had for the next bit of The Goblin Adventures and post it before I went to Norton. Wrote a bit more on my laptop then a little on the back of a flyer from the Star Trek magazine. My new word is quinteemerable and I explain it in the story. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Can I have some Cheops for tea.

Typed in the next part of TGA. Managed to write another 400 words or so for Thursday’s bit. Had multiple coffees and managed to do about 200 words of GHW. I managed to type/read in 500 words of GHW yesterday. I now have 3 votes for TGA on Wattpad, hooray! Have been thinking of Egyptian jokes for the 5th chapter of GHW. Something to do with mummy’s is obvious, but I am going for a Nile and Cheops joke or two. My spell checker doesn’t know what Cheops is, it wants to change it to chops or cheeps, (chips or cheese might have been better!)

Monday, 8 August 2011


I typed in rest of Goblin Adventures part 6, jiggled the puppet theatre scene around for the first bit. Put it on Wattpad. Drew some more of my dragon, nearly finished. Wrote about 3 pages of GHW while in the garden. The parasol was scarily swaying in the wind. The stuff I have done needs to be a bit funnier. Twittered and Tweeted and got a mention. The 9th di-mention, I could use that somewhere...

Saturday, 6 August 2011


Found out why the website wasn’t working, the server had crashed in some way. The administrator managed to fix it. I have decided to put 200 words on a day at Wattpad and 500 on a Wednesday and Friday. Nearly finished my dragon, hoping to finish today. It seems a regular amount of people are reading the flash fiction on Wattpad each day, but it is still a long way short of how many people were reading it on Smashwords. I have decided to put the first 7 chapters of The Crying Pennant on the website.

Wrote the goblin beach sequence.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Hunting for squink

I have written the 3rd part of the Goblin adventures. I am putting 200 words on a day and 500 on a Wednesday and either Friday or Saturday. Am getting more reads on Wattpad by doing at least a little every day. Managed to do a large part of my dragon picture for the Battle of the Dragons. Also started proof reading the first chapter.

I now need to get on with typing part 3 in and writing the rest of part 4.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Next Bit

Yesterday I found out all of names of the goblins in book 1, decided to let them go on a hunt. Wrote the beginning last night and the rest at my eldest daughter's. Read it to a family friend. It is not overly funny but slightly humorous. I am deciding whether to put a small offering of 2-300 words on Wattpad a day or just 2 pieces on a Wednesday and Friday/Saturday. Not enough people are reading it now it is not on Smashwords.

 Had a bad neck/headache that lasted most of the day yesterday but managed to fix half of the parasol, am going to finish the rest today I hope.

Got a good review today for The Sitting duck