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Monday, 30 April 2012

Nearly Finished

Wrote 700 words of chapter 12 of RTD, only 800 to go! Also fixed a friend's laptop today and typed in most of chapter 8 (I'll try to finish it before I go to sleep.) I am at the end of chapter 7 of the free stuff for RTD, I may have to do some flash fiction to keep it going until I publish it at the weekend.

Have written two bits of the Kendra flash fiction, it would be good to make it bigger to advertise the main book on Smashwords and possibly even Scribd.

I have entered for the Forbidden Planet Smackdown again. I need to write a straight SF short story and make sure there's lots of prose in it.

The first round is time travel. I am watching season 5 of Lost and am on the last episode tomorrow. Can they change the future? (People knew this years ago. Does that mean I have travelled to the past to find out what has happened? Are DVD's little pockets of time travel? What if you could buy little pockets of time travel? In DVD form? ? What do you think? You couldn't change anything then could you? Could you? Am I using too many question marks???

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Chapter 12

Managed to write 1,000 words of Chapter 12 of RTD today. Which means I might get the whole book typed up and finished for next week. If I can proof read Kendra then I might also get that out for next week as well.

I have come up with a sequence I like using the titles of James Bond films.

I have written about 700 words of what may be the seventh (and possibly last) book in the Arth series. It is supposed to be set in the horror dimension. (It doesn't start off that way though!)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rainy Day

Managed to write 480 words of RTD, typed in another 100 or so. I am behind about 200 words still. It may be finished for proof reading at the end of next week, I might have to pull a quintiple shift in Starbucks or something.

Bought Gran Torino from a charity shop for £1 and watched it with my son later on.

Listened to O'er the Hills and Far Away on Youtube because I had bought the first two Sharpe's from the charity shop. I did not realise I was missing Sharpe's Mission from my collection.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Have typed in 500 words of Kendra, only another 2 1/2 pages to do, although I might still have a bit to write to link the final battle up to the end. Will try to write 500 words of RTD in the car today. I am about 100 words down so far so need to probably write an extra 100 words.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


After talking to someone on Facebook I decided to look at a video about the Christian teaching on the Nephilim, by Chuck Missler. I had read a book called 'The Thirteenth Planet' about 17 years ago and had a few ideas about it.

I had a dream about 7 years ago where I saw a Nephilim who lived in the Bosom of Abraham, the initial idea for Kendra. The disconcerting thing was that the teaching on the Nephilim says that all the angels who took human wives were evil and are now locked up in Tarterus and the Nephilim are also evil. This means that there cannot be any good Nephilim so Kendra should not exist. So I have had to think of another way in which he could come into existence through a good angel and himself be good.

While I was thinking upon these things I stopped typing Kendra in and wondered where I should go next with it.

I managed to finish chapter 8 of RTD on Friday. Did a bit more of VAE today, the whole short story might be about 10,000 words altogether.

I have about two weeks to finish writing RTD and to proof read it before publishing it.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Woke up early

Woke up early and had a bath. Typed in 250 words of Kendra, there are only 2,000 words to type in. It has to be finished soon or the free stuff I am putting on Wattpad will catch up! Wrote and typed 500 words of chapter 10 of RTD. When I put the RTD offering on Wattpad I wasn't at my PC so I only put half on and some jokes.

Monday, 16 April 2012


Wrote 550 words of RTD chapter 10. That makes just over 1,000 words now. Typed in 425 words of Kendra before breakfast (I think that is a better way of doing it.) Typed in 500 words of chapter 6 of RTD on iPad.

Got some craft knives from the £shop.

Friday, 13 April 2012


I am Twittering and putting my stuff on at the library today. My internet is not on until possibly tomorrow or Monday. I should be able to update everything tomorrow but Sunday may be a problem.

Wrote about 250 words of chapter 9 of RTD. Typed in about 500 words of chapter 6 of RTD. Planning to type in 1,000 words of Kendra (which should be easier because there's no internet to put me off the task.)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Jumbly Day

Typed in 750 words of Kendra. Wrote about 250 words of RTD and got the total up to 400 a few minutes ago. (Should have done RTD first and typing second.) Found out that I hadn't put the correct part of CHAPTER SIX of RTD on Wattpad, so I typed the first bit in and rectified it. Explained to the readers what I had done.

I need to keep up with typing Kendra in or it won't be finished when I wxpect it to.

I will reuse the joke I put on Twitter the other day.

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the library. I banged my funny bone and it affected my humerus.

(One person replied with HA! By Holmes I think they got it!)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

MP vs AP

Went to a friends house and was able to write between 600 and 750 words of VAE, also 250 words of WITP. I had written 535 words of RTD (and did another 35) and typed in about 500 words of Kendra. When I got home typed in 254 words of VAE.

My friend's daughter put about 500 words of her story on Wattpad. She had 66 reads earlier that then reverted to 14 reads? How odd. She now has 44 reads, I wonder what happened?

Wednesday is supposed to be girlie day for my wife and kids but with the security vendetta against us at Sainsbury's, Monks Cross, they will probably have to go to Tesco or something!!!

Monday, 9 April 2012

9th April on the 10th of April

Wrote 500 words of chapter 9 of RTD. Typed in about 1,000 words of Kendra. The daughter of a family friend came. I tried to encourage her to put the story she is working on on Wattpad. Managed to put another bit of VAE on. Have one more bit to type up.

My wife and daughter were followed again by Sainsbury's security staff. We found out that one of them is at the highest possible warning before he can be sacked. The way they are going on it looks like they want to lose their jobs!

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Typed in about 1,250 words of Kendra. Had to change what I had written because I needed to make things fit with what comes later. Typed in about 750 words of VAE and put one part on Wattpad. Wrote about another 250 words of VAE at Sainsbury's. The security guards are still staring frostily at us. Maybe they should try picking on shoplifters and not honest citizens.

I plan to update VAE for the next 4 days at least, it might nearly be finished then. If I keep typing 1,000 of Kendra in each day then I might finish the typing in the next 10 days :) .

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Chapter 8

Finished chapter 8 of RTD. Typed in 350 words of Kendra. Typed in 225 words of War in the Precincts last night.

Hopefully I'll get 1,000 words of Kendra typed in tomorrow.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I wrote 500 words of Chapter 8 of RTD and typed in about 1,000 words of chapter 5. Also wrote another 250 words of War in the Precincts and 250 words of Victorian Adventure Experiment.

Monday, 2 April 2012

April Fools Day

Totally missed April Fools Day. Remembered too late.

I wrote another 500 words of chapter 8 of RTD today. Didn't type any of Kendra in. Proof read up to page 100 of Amderesta for Dan. Typed and wrote a little more of War in the Precincts. Got a piece of wood to fix against the wall in the bathroom. Took grand daughter for a walk on her leash thing.

Played Red Dead.