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Monday, 30 April 2012

Nearly Finished

Wrote 700 words of chapter 12 of RTD, only 800 to go! Also fixed a friend's laptop today and typed in most of chapter 8 (I'll try to finish it before I go to sleep.) I am at the end of chapter 7 of the free stuff for RTD, I may have to do some flash fiction to keep it going until I publish it at the weekend.

Have written two bits of the Kendra flash fiction, it would be good to make it bigger to advertise the main book on Smashwords and possibly even Scribd.

I have entered for the Forbidden Planet Smackdown again. I need to write a straight SF short story and make sure there's lots of prose in it.

The first round is time travel. I am watching season 5 of Lost and am on the last episode tomorrow. Can they change the future? (People knew this years ago. Does that mean I have travelled to the past to find out what has happened? Are DVD's little pockets of time travel? What if you could buy little pockets of time travel? In DVD form? ? What do you think? You couldn't change anything then could you? Could you? Am I using too many question marks???

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