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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Do I know any famous authors?

Managed to finish chapter 5 of ADC on Friday. Finished proof reading Dan's Amderesta book on Saturday. Also managed to write about 400 words of Paradox Jones. I want to finish it for a promotion I am planning on the Kindle. A would be fan asked me if I knew any famous authors. Hah! Do I? Have I met some? Gary Gygax the inventor of Dungeons and Dragons. He was also an author, but trying to explain it to the would be fan I had to ask whether he knew the games of Oblivion or Skyrim on the XBox 360. Then he was impressed. I have also met Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone and Joe Deever who did the Fighting Fantasy books etc. I also think I saw Dennis Potter walking down the Fossgate in York city centre. My old tutor Graham Hey, he taught me animation at York College and worked for Viz and wrote 'Teenage Mum' for the Star newspaper. Do I know any famous authors? Do I? Are they famous enough? You decide.

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