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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Strange Coincidence

As I was eating my lunch in the car, in Leeds, waiting for my wife I was listening to the Radio 4 North/South quiz programme. They were asking 4 questions and you had to guess how they were related. The first was a line from Jerusalem the hymn. The second was a song by Roxy Music, which I knew, cannot remember the third but the fourth was a line from a Laurel and Hardy song. As they were discussing the answer I knew that Roxy Music sang Avalon from the song clip. I thought, "Shall I write a piece of fiction about Avalon." It turned out all the answers were Avalon. I just happened to look over the road from where I had parked and, I saw the sign for the Avalon Hotel which was across from me!!!

Managed to write 500 words of GHW yesterday and 200 words of TBG and wrote a Time Backwater short called Avalon. I have only written TBG today. I now have 1,035 Twitter followers today.

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