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Monday, 5 September 2011


Wrote 200 words of GSM in bed. Wanted a better joke for the end so I reused one that Martyn Shenstone had helped me with when I wrote my sit com. Typed it in about 3.30. We need to go to York college to get my son's application in. When we go for a drink at Tesco I shall try to write 500 words of GHW. We watched an Inspector Wexford Mystery, a Last Detective and I watched a Poirrot one on my own last night. I started to come up with ideas for the 5th book in the Arth series. I was thinking of basing it in the Cowboy/Detective dimension. There would be some kind of murder for them to solve and a lot of references to detective novels and TV series'. But how to make it so that the dimension's history is full of cowboys and detectives?

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