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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Nearly Back to Normal

The Kendra promotion has finished. Still only marginally better than the last one I ran. I did, however, get 1,000 extra people following me on Twitter. And now have about 30 people reTweeting me whereas I only had about 8 before. People are still interested in Kendra, I am turning the 24 into the next Kendra book. Managed to write 400 words of it yesterday after my granddaughter's birthday party yesterday. Got the old puppet theatre out and after the obligatory pig and cow performance I managed to introduce them to Batman and the Riddler!!! The younger ones were a bit scared of my ventriloquist frog. Also managed to start chapter two of 'A DaVinci Co-Ed.' That's probably the title of the next one, and then again...

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