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Thursday, 18 December 2014

TEABAG part 18

They were lucky, there were no lights pointing in their direction, no guards looking that particular way, no steam powered barrage balloons, no automatic defence robots. It was as though there was a helper of some kind aiding them in their mission [me!] So Chatteris guided the Talent over the tower and turned the engines off.
“Ropes?” enquired Arthur of Tresham.
“I think they’re in the hold.”
“Well hurry up and get them man, we need to get shimmying as soon as possible.”
Tresham turned, a little miffed, “It should be the lower orders doing this, not a sergeant!”
“Too many chiefs,” murmured Gunby as Tresham passed him. He also followed his friend to help.

Ruhtra peeped over the bow of the airship to make sure they were still safe and unnoticed. He spotted an Andacian guard blowing into his gloves and stamping his feet to try to keep away the cold. Not wanting to wait he turned himself into a rope, attached himself to a rail and flopped himself over the side, planning then to slurp to the ground.
Arthur spotted the rope and used it to shimmy to the ground. This caused Ruhtra some discomfort and so he grew a mouth, right near Arthur’s head, and screamed out in pain. The colonel grabbed his own ears and nearly fell off of the rope.
“What the blazes,” cried Arthur.
Plattington saw what was happening and also saw the frozen guard begin to look up into their direction [no, not a guard from the film Frozen, I knew you would think that!]
The guard (not from Frozen) lifted up his rifle and aimed it at the colonel.
Looking about the deck Plattington saw a pole, picked it up and threw it at the guard’s rifle to spoil his aim.
With a spoiled aim the guard could do nothing else by raise the alarm. The alarm had fallen down and needed raising.
To stop the alarm being raised Arthur jumped from the rope and fell on it from above.
“At last,” sighed Ruhtra, “fat lump.” He slurped to the floor just as Arthur was bashing the guard over the head with the now bent alarm.
“Why did you scream in my ear like that?” asked Pendragon, “I think I’m now deaf in one ear.”
“Better to be deaf than suffer death,” philosophised the shapechanger.
There was now another problem though, the guard’s colleague had heard a noise and come to see what all the commotion was. Thinking quickly Ruhtra turned into the first guard and stopped his colleague from coming closer.
“What’s all the racket Dinkins?” asked the real guard.
“I bashed me toe on the wall,” replied Ruhtra.
“But you said something like ‘We’re under att... argh.”
“Yes, we’re under a dark sky tonight was what I was going to say.”
“Well why did you have to shout it out, I thought we was under attack or something?”
“It’s because it’s very cold, it affected my pharynx,”

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