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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

TEABAG part 10

So now I have to describe an alien city, in the dark, in the fog. Well at least a bit of it.

Plattington also looked over the edge of the airship and saw a … gargoyle! “Yaargh!” he exclaimed, then shouted to Chatteris, “We’re too close, er, to a church of some kind.”
Robo Arthur commented as the airship came to a stop, “They don’t have churches in Andacia, only underground ones.”
“You mean to say we’re underground?”
The good metal man looked at the corporal, “I will give you a little leeway with that one, seeing as we are supposed to be developing your character’s back story.”
“So what is it then if it’s not a church?”
“Mansion house, factory, who knows?”
“The Author,” inputted Robo Sid.
“Well you ask him then.”
So Robo Sid asked me, “Where are we Author?”
“The Lord Mayor’s mansion,” I replied, then left them to get on with it.
“Told you,” told Robo Sid.
“We can’t really fly in this fog,” thought Plattington, “we might have to go straight up above the clouds.”
“How are we going to see anything then?” wondered Robo Sid, “We’ll just see clouds.”
“We could do what the aircrew do to airfields when it’s foggy,” began to suggest Robo Arthur, “fill pipes up with hot fuel and make the fog rise.”
“With you talking all that hot air it should have risen long ago,” quipped his robo friend.
“In this smog things would only be made worse by hot air,” the king of the robo men folded his arms to show his displeasure.
Then Colonel Pendragon came back, “Right, it’s been decided. Seeing as we can’t see our hands before our faces…”
“I can,” beamed Colour Sergeant Sid as he held his hand before his face.
“It’s a saying Colour Sergeant, meaning it’s too difficult to navigate through the city at night in a thick fog/smog.”
He turned back to address the others on the deck, “So it’s been decided we’ll to a quick reccie in the mansion below. It seems to be the Lord Mayor’s mansion.”
“It is,” agreed Robo Sid quietly.
“Who agreed to do a reccie?” asked Robo Arthur.
“Well, me actually,” explained Arthur, pointing to himself.
“Were you talking to yourself, or Ruhtra, or something? You know, to agree with yourself?”
“Never mind about that now, Chatteris is going to take us down very slowly to land on a lower roof. Then we’ll go in by some windows.”

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