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Monday, 22 December 2014

TEABAG part 22

When he got back to the others they weren’t there. “How can I get back to the others if they aren’t there,” he whispered to himself. But he did see Ruhtra ahead and ran to catch him up. “So where are the others then?” he asked.
“Can’t you smell them?”
“My sense of smell is not as highly attuned as yours.”
“I suppose that’s how you can live with your own smell, or you’d have to chop your nose off.”
“To spite your face?”
“What a stupid saying, almost as stupid as a teardrop learning to fly in a rainstorm.”
Plattington did not understand the Zathanian but before he got too confused they saw the others serving at tables.
“What are you doing?” asked the shape changer.
“We were waiting,” punned Sid.
Arthur finished sipping his cup of tea and wiped his lips with a napkin, “Nice tea break that Robo Sid.”
“I didn’t know I had the parameters for such a thing, the Author must have had it programmed into me especially for this scene.” The metal man bowed slightly with a white towel over his arm in the place of a waiter's cloth.
The others all helped to pack up the camping equipment. They stored it back in the cupboard they had found it in.
“Fortunate that,” commented Plattington at they heard Chatteris talking to himself behind them.
“Let’s be off to the next stupid encounter,” said Sid, as grumpy as ever (well, for the six months of his short clone life so far.) ‘
Looking at him the colonel reminded him, “ It’s I that give the orders.” He turned to the others and said, “Let’s be off to the next stupid encounter.” He marched forward and, because his snooty nose was so far in the air he tripped over a sleeping policeman and went flying, (in a small aeroplane kept inside for such jokes as this.)
“A sleeping policeman?” queried Sid, “not the dwarf policeman from Goblin Space Marines?”
“Get me down from here,” wittered Arthur who had crashed the small aeroplane into a Christmas tree.
“I suppose the Author had to mention Christmas somewhere..” Robo Sid said to Robo Arthur.
“ he is putting this whole shortish story on his blog as a Christmas present for the readers,” finished Sid, the clone.
Robo Sid looked at Sid and shook his finger, “That was my punch line.”
“I don’t actually have a funny character union card, but I still demand the funniest punch lines!”

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