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Friday, 5 December 2014

TEABAG part 5

The Talent. The TEABAG’s airship. It makes you think it’s a cross between the names of the Tawa and the General Gallant, which it is. I had to make it slightly larger than the Tawa or the Gallant because of the extra crew members, or else Gunby would be sleeping with his feet out of the window, (and if he was in his stockinged feet they would freeze!)
So it’s there, on the tarmac. Well it’s not tarmac, but another tar and stone compound quite similar. It was close to their main base building, protected by its own electric shield.
The first on board was Private Chatteris who was the second pilot. The first pilot was second aboard. It was Tresham. The sergeant was going to allow Chatteris to take the helm until we got to the good stuff (what’s a helmet doing aboard anyway?)
The others filed aboard and Pendragon, in all his bossiness, was dishing out meaningless orders like a waiter with order soup.
Second pilot Chatteris pulled some switches and drew the steering wheel back. The Talent started to rise, they were underway.

Now this is where we get to the slow down part where we try to develop the characters a bit more, so you grow to love them and will watch all of the TV series because of it. Today’s character development is… Plattington!
Now Plattington hasn’t been in any of the other tales before so we have to work on his back story. He was a captured human slave from the London of earth in 1880. Rescued by tea pirates he managed to make his way to Tyreen. There he became part of the Tyreen air navy and when the British finally came through the IWTD in force he decided to join up with them instead. He also has a cat called Felix. The cat is aboard. There, that is it.

“Felix,” called Corporal Plattington, he also made kissy noises with his lips.
This annoyed Pendragon who made his displeasure known to Scubbins, “Can’t we get him that platypus sooner? It’s really annoying me him doing those kissy noises.”
Sid was drinking a cup of tea in the central ship area where there was a nice largish table.
“What kind of relationship do you have with the Author?” asked Sid.
“Well not too good really. When I found out you and I had only been created to fill in for the real Sid and Arthur from The Crying Pennant, well, that’s it really. I don’t speak to him because of it.”
“Excuse me!!” interrupted Plattington, “this bit is supposed to be about me and my character development.”

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