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Saturday, 13 December 2014

TEABAG part 13

"This is completely useless," puffed Arthur.

Unshouldering his energy weapon Gunby shot at the floor. A large hole appeared in it. This made the situation worse because they were now running towards the dangerous, uncovered and still working gears.

Arthur stopped but the others behind bumped into him. He nearly fell into the gears. Sid pulled him back. "That was close," whewed the colonel.

As the treadmill had snapped the still attached end wound its way around and mangled into the gears. There was a whining and a clanking then the gears grated to a stop.

"Just in time," panted Arthur, still holding onto Sid's arm.

"Now we need to pick our way over those gearing mechanisms," said the sergeant.

So they did, it took them a long time to all get through the garden of smashed gears, too long to describe so near the end of this chapter

When they finally got to the end Arthur opened the door to find...

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