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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

TEABAG part 30

To recap. So, Sid is no longer daydreaming, but making the tea. Gunby should be going through the code book with Plattington. Chatteris is guarding the door. Tresham is guarding the other door (the new one that is now available because the electric shield is down.) Arthur starts looking at the other things in the room. Robo Sid, Robo Arthur and Ruhtra are having a game of paper, scissors, rock, lizard, Spock to see who will wind Arthur up next.
“This looks like a Modigliani,” mused Arthur as he looked at a painting that was also stored in the same room as the code book.
Ruhtra won the game and so he took the form of a statue, the Venus de Milo.
“Do you believe that,” asked the colonel as he saw the statue, “they have a copy of the Venus de Milo.” He looked away for a second to see if anyone was listening to him. Ruhtra made a funny face at him, Robo Sid and Robo Arthur saw this and began to do their robotic giggles. Arthur looked back at the statue, everything seemed normal.
Sid could see what was happening also and decided to join in. “Why would they have a copy of the Venus de Milo? Surely it’s the real one and the one on earth is the fake.”
So Arthur peered deeply into the statue’s eyes.
Ruhtra couldn’t keep the ruse up and spat a goggle of Zathanian fluids into Arthur’ s wide open eye.
“Yaargh!” screamed Arthur and flew into a rage while everyone else guffawed with laughter.
From the doorway Chatteris laughed but from the corner of his eye he saw a shadow.
He looked up to the top of the steps to see two guards there looking down at the open door. Hiding in the doorway he looked at the others who were still laughing, he started waving at them to be quiet. It was impossible, so he started to hiss loudly. Robo Sid came over, “Are you a snake or something?”
“Someone’s coming,” he said anxiously.
As per the real Sid, Robo Sid was up for a fight, so he stepped out and met one of the guards as he was getting near the bottom of the steps.
“What are you?” asked the guard, quite confused at a metal man coming towards him.
“A metal man with Sid the dwarf’s AI in its brain.”
“Uh?” uhed the guard just before Robo Sid shocked him into unconsciousness with a stun attachment to one of his fingers that I just made up.
“I didn’t know I had that,” said Robo Sid as he looked at his finger, “I was going to bash him one.”
The other guard started to run for help. Holding up his arm Robo Sid looked as though he was going to shoot something from his other hand, but nothing happened. “I thought you were going to help me out with something there Author.”

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