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Sunday, 14 December 2014

TEABAG part 14


Arthur turned the handle and pushed open the door. (I know I’ve repeated myself but hey, it’s a new chapter.) There was a small bathroom and a bath filled with bubbles. Sitting in it, with bubbles on his head, was Ruhtra, "Ow do."
"What are you doing?" exasperated Arthur.
"Having a bath?" replied the shapechanger, who also had a bubble beard and moustache.
"Is this where we're supposed to do the bath puns now?" asked Sid.
"Well, I suppose so," grumped the colonel.
"But no toilet humour," warned Tresham.
Sid looked at them, "No toilette humour either."
"Bubbles!" bubbled Plattington.
"Are we each doing some kind of pun?" wondered Pendragon.
"As long as I get the best punch line," warned Sid.
"I thought you had been genetically altered not to expect the best punch line?"
"My selfishness and giant ego overcame that. I can easily get a better punch line than you shower anyway."
This stunned Arthur when he realised Sid had made quite a good and relevant bathroom pun, "Er?”
Sid was on a roll, a toilet roll. “You’re looking hot and flushed,” he said to Ruhtra. A bottle of shampoo nearly fell on the shapechanger’s head and he caught it just before it did, “That was a close shave.”
“You’re a fool ah!” splashed Ruhtra who was getting quite angry at so many people looking at him in the bath.
“Did you mean to do an anagram of loofah there?”

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