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Thursday, 1 January 2015

TEABAG part 32

“I need one correctly plugged in arm, the right/left one doesn’t connect properly, so it’s useless, a bit like you most of the time.”
Robo Arthur bounced up and down a little in frustration, “Just plug me a right arm into my right arm socket,” he told the guard who was trying to help him, “then I can hit him with something.”
The other guard complied, put a right arm on Robo Arthur and handed him the other one. Robo Arthur then proceeded to chase Robo Sid, passing Arthur and even the king, brandishing the other right arm.
Now things would have gone quite well for them all except that I decided that the king (of course you knew it was Ruhtra didn’t you?) walked through a quite randomly placed electric field. As you also know, electric fields destabilise the shape changing ability of shape changers. Ruhtra tried to hold himself together, as somebody might do just before they think they can stop themselves from vomiting. He started to go a luminous green, his head got bigger, he clenched his lips together, then flubbled into a green gelatinous ooze on the floor.
“The king is dead,” cried the captain of the guard when he saw what happened.
“What do we do now?” thought Arthur.
“What do we do now?” chimed the captain of the guard (almost, with the slight inflection on the we.)
I suppose Arthur and the others could get on the Talent and escape, that would be quick. Except that I haven’t done enough words or the thing that I was planning to. How to get them there though?
One of the guards, who was a bit detectiveish, put his finger in the goo that both was and is Ruhtra, “This is not the king!”
(No that won’t work, that starts a big battle with 60 guards that they just shouldn’t be able to win.)
They need to get rid of the guards, then get found out, then encounter the [I know what and you will soon when I start writing about it] but how? Do I have my Christmas mince pie and cuppa while I think about it?
Still no ideas. So…Ruhtra managed to slime out of the electric field and coagulated himself into a green ball. It took him a few moments but he managed to form himself into a rabbit and scampered off beneath the tree where the Talent was parked.
Plattington saw the rabbit, and because we’re supposed to be fleshing out his back story, he had a little rabbit when he was a kid and…
Now Sid didn’t want the readers to have to suffer from inane babble about bunnies and butterflies so, because he was quite lose to a pile of hay bales, he nodded to the others. Arthur milled around a bit, waiting for inspiration.

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