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Friday, 23 January 2015


Made up the 11 Arth cards I needed to make 4 decks, cut them out etc, then never got a chance to play it! Played Empire Engine at last (the P&P version I made for the club) and Catan again.

Wrote this piece of #FlashFiction while I was waiting for my takeaway:

I need three other characters for the special TEABAG set I am making for the Arth card game.

"Sorry, are you speaking to me?" asked Colonel Arthur Pendragon.
"Well not really," I replied.
"My batman?"
"Yes, Bateman the batman."
"The man who does your clothes, not the Dark Knight?"
"Of course, you've just got to say it correctly to understand, [bat-muh n], phonetically."
"OK then, who else?"
"Mike the mechanic?"
"That's a good one, you would need a mechanic, especially with an airship. I can also make jokes about the pop group."
"Never mind, what about the third?"
"The cook?"
"Yes, Cook the cook."
"All right then, that's three more characters that are not integral to the main story but are good support staff to have."
"So a good piece of #FlashFiction then, especially for #FlashFriday!"

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