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Sunday, 4 January 2015

TEABAG part 35

Now if I wanted a laugh, I could make the GTG get up by doing a bit of a breakdance, I could also talk about my attempts at trying to spin on my back in the early 80s... But I won't, instead the GTG (I've forgotten what GTG means? Something Tower Giant, I'll have to try to remember the first word later) it sat up, put one hand on the floor, bent its knees then started to force itself onto its feet.
“We need to try to keep it on the floor,” suggested Gunby to Robo Sid and Robo Arthur who were the only three who could possibly take it on physically, “while it's still crouching,”
The Robos both ran to the arm that was doing the pushing and together they tried to pull it back. Gunby also joined in and for a short while they managed, between them, to prevent it from pushing itself onto its feet.
Ruhtra sat on a barrel and began to polish his nails on the collar of his jacket and look at them.
“Look at him,” said Sid to Arthur, “sitting on a barrel, I wish he was sitting on the barrel of a gun!”
To no avail, (or to know a veil?) the Robos and Gunby couldn't hold back the incredible strength of the Guard Tower Giant (remembered!) It stood to its full height and swiped, with its right hand, the three of them away. The Robos and Gunby went smashing through a well-built fence.
“Is it my turn yet?” asked Ruhtra as he looked at Arthur.
“You mean you can help?” he thought for a second, “Of course you can, you can turn yourself into another Tower Giant and beat it up!” said Arthur rubbing hands together in glee at his idea.
“I don’t have enough Zathanian fluids in me to do that, I could get to the size but I’d be like a blimp, full of air, ready to be punctured.”
“Well what are you going to do then?”
“I think I’ll go for a fly,” he then turned into a small bird and hopped off of the barrel into flight.

Up, up the little bird flew and landed on the shoulder of the Tower giant. He/it then proceeded to preen him/itself. The Tower giant turned to where Arthur and the others were hiding. The right hand took a firing position and began to click. Sid got very nervous, “I think it's going to shoot us!”
Arthur looked up at Ruhtra, “What's he doing, he's preening himself!”
“You don't think he's waiting 'til the last second do you?”
“You know, I think he is.”
“What happens if he fails?”
“Let's run then,” he turned his head slightly and ordered the rest, “RUN!”
“Tur tut,” tutted the little bird, “don't they trust me?” Ruhtra flew into the earhole of the giant and turned into a slithering snake. He plopped onto the floor and heard the captain saying, “On my mark fire...”
“Cancel that order,” said the shape changer in the voice of the captain as he also formed into the guard's leader.
“I say,” said the captain, “who are you?”
“You,” replied Ruhtra as he made his fist very large and bopped the captain on the chin, knocking him out.
“Captain, Captain,” the right hand controller called through the comms system.
“Power down Right Hand Controller. I've received new orders. We need to help them instead. Are you fat by the way?”
“I could call you the fat controller.”
“Sorry Sir?”
“Never mind, just put your hand out near the tree so they can climb up into their airship.”
The Right Hand Controller paused for a bit, then replied with, “Yes Sir.”

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