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Monday, 5 January 2015

TEABAG epilogue


I do not want to use the word so, (and now?) And now we have come to the end, almost. Arthur and the others escaped with the Hoo codebook without being squashed or dismembered. They did however meet Richard III again and his tea pirates but they soon saw them off.
When they got back to base each of them went to see the doctor (I’ve only just realised I need a doctor character to re-enact TEABAG battles with the In Her Majesty’s Name miniatures system.) His name? Well I want it Victorian, so, Doctor Googly. I did consider Dr Google but I couldn’t find out on Google if it was a surname, it also gives me chance to make a few cricket jokes if I need to.
“Enter,” commanded Dr Googly from his surgery desk.
It was Plattington, after all we were supposed to be developing his backstory. He nodded as he entered.
“Sit down please Bombardier.”
Plattington sat down quite gingerly.
“What’s wrong Plattington, where were you injured?”
“In the battle with the Tower giant.”
“And where is that euphemism on your body?”
The corporal winked at the doctor to show him his bruised eye.
Peering through his spectacles Googly commented, “Is that all man.” He threw a tube of cream over the desk, “Here, this’ll help bring the bruising out. How did you do it?”
“It was on the tea break Sir, while I was drinking tea.”
“Try taking the spoon out of the cup in future. Next.”

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