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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Will Rogers

I have finished writing the third short story of 'Factory of androids', need to type in the last 1,500 words though. Started a new story with the characters from the Victorian Adventure games I used to run with my kids. Lizzy McBean is the initial protagonist. I need to look up her character sheet though because I cannot remember what job she had.

I did write a little of 'The 24', about 750 words. I re-wrote the part at the Rock of Morpeth because I didn't like it. Once the final two short stories of FAO are finished I can get on with the end of The 24.

Just watched the life story of Will Rogers on TCM. I had a dream last week where somebody advised me to write my blog every day. I saw a cloud picture with something similar a couple of years ago. Seeing that Will Rogers wrote about a paragraph a day for his newspaper column I think I can keep that up.

So today's musing is :- After seeing the Will Rogers life story it has parallels with what's happening today. He used humour to get American politicians of both parties working together to help get themselves out of the Great Depression. I wonder if I succeed in this venture whether I can get out of my Great Depression?

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