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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Tea cosy?

Went with my wife to sit in the car while she taught piano so I could turn the car around in the snow. I sat in my hat and had a hot water bottle. Managed to write 500 words of FOA which just about finishes short story 4. Last night I was trying to come up with names for the alternative earth, Terra seemed good but has been used a lot before, it is the Latin for earth. Gaia, etc. So you can suggest names for an alternate earth below. I was also thinking about it being a phased earth so that we cannot see it from our earth. I got taken to Morrisons for breakfast after but, after trying to keep my teapot hot by using my woolly hat as a tea cosy, I spilled the water on the hat and soaked it. I thought it was such a good idea. I wonder how many times people mess up because they think they have a good idea? Mine would have been a good idea if I hadn't tried to put two pots under one hat. Trying to keep my wife's hot as well. We shall call this the tea cosy incident!


  1. Name for alternate Earth. How about Arret? Terra backwards. Or Threa? Mixup of Earth.
    Louise Sorensen
    louise3anne twitter

    1. Thanks Louise, I had thought of Thera for maybe one of the alternate names in the Arth series. Maybe I'll use that.