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Friday, 18 January 2013

Sisipherian task

Wrote about 650 words of FOA, also about 250 words of The Sun Thief and 150 words of The 24.
If I write another 500 words tomorrow then I have finished short story 4. Got to the number one spot for science fiction on the Kindle, in Germany. At number 12/13 in America.

Swept up the snow on the path leading to the car. Swept up again. And again... and again. Now I know that once it starts to melt, as long as it doesn't refreeze, then my path will be clear in the morning. If I hadn't swept it four or five times and it froze then we would have to negotiate ice or I would have to get the shovel out to chip the ice away. This reminds me of the Proverb 'If good men do nothing then evil prospers.' Is this why there is moral decay in our society, because good men stopped doing good? Or is it that all the good men have died off leaving the unregenerate behind? I know someone with an unregenerate behind, but that's another story.

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