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Thursday, 17 January 2013


So I managed to write another 400 words of FOA this morning. This means I caught up with yesterday. This afternoon I have written (typed in) 280 words. Just another 220 to go to be on target. OWIA 8 is now up and running with the FREE promotion and Again America beats the British downloads.

I have had to send my printer's toner cartridge back. I sent the second one back even though the first does not work properly either. Once I have the second one replaced I'll send the first one back. Were they damaged in the post? Or filled incorrectly, we shall never know.

Watched 'I'm British' a song by Professor Elemental on YouTube. He portrays us as apologising too much, using too many words and having lost an empire. Steam punkery is in evidence, and dancing with his fans.
Do we apologise too much? Maybe when we're in polite company. What about when we're in impolite company? Inimpolite company, sounds like a business that produces a range of hard wearing saucepans and tea spoons. Maybe I'll use it as the evil company in my #amwriting steam punk extravaganza!

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