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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Wrong Number

So I managed to write 300 words today. I was ill. I woke up with a headache but still took my wife to University at Leeds. Felt ill in the car and fell asleep. My phone ran out of battery and I was half an hour late for my wife. When I got home I went back to bed.

I managed to do about 200 words in Morrisons but that was part of the 300. Also managed to put some hips and thighs on my android, it really needs to be finished soon for the next OWIA promotion.

What was funny about today? My wife told me to smile even though I had a headache. My excuse for still not smiling was that I had a headache. My wife thought it was hilarious (not) that I didn't pick her up. She was imagining me in hospital or dead by the side of the road. Now if that person hadn't made a wrong number call to my phone then I would have had enough power in it to receive the call from my wife...

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