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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Assaulted by Ice Wielding Thugs.

Managed to catch up with what I never did yesterday, so yesterday and today's total is 1,000 words written and typed in. Only another 5,000 to go. Was thinking as I was snoozing how to transport people to my new world. It will be a tunnel like steam driven transport device (although it could be electric as that was invented then.)

So as I was walking town Fifth Avenue at about 6 O'Clock 5 lads were throwing ice balls at each other and passers by. They missed the fellow twice who was walking towards me. I prayed that they would miss me and six times they did. After I crossed the road they hit me. Now if they had missed me seven times then I probably wouldn't have mentioned it on my blog. However they did assault me, with ice. I also heard one of them say that another had gotten points for hitting me. I suppose it was a bit like Death Race 2000 or something. It scares people when gangs of older lads are throwing things at them and you can't stop them. Now if it had been Death Race 2000 then I could have turned my machine guns on them, but they also may have had some machine guns themselves! They would have got 2,000 points for getting an old disco dancer!

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