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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Memory stick

I managed to write 500 words of FOA earlier this morning. Also typed in about 380 words of The 24, I am really concerned that I will not be able to make it 30,000 words. Wrote another 500 word of it. Also did about 250 words of The Sun Thief and thought about some ideas for it.

So today, while I was half way through saving my work on my memory stick my son sat in my place and bent the memory stick. I managed to bend it sort of back into shape and it still works but I will probably need a new memory stick to be safe. I will have to remove my memory stick each time I get up from the computer.

"Stop complaining," said Sid, "at least you have a son who cares about you enough to bend your memory stick."
"You are cheeky Sid, appearing on my blog when It's not even a piece of flash fiction."
"Well I had to make it funny for you seeing as you failed so miserably today!"

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