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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Pulling Out

I managed to write and type in 350 words of FOA and then an extra 190 on my writing pad. I painted and drew a picture of my granddaughter and started on a cover for FOA. I have also put OWIA 8 on at Amazon which comprises of The IPP Time Code and a sample of The Time Backwater Anthology. It will be live tomorrow and FREE on Thursday. (So today I also changed the IPP Time Code Field Guide to include the words 'Only When I Arth 8'.) I do need to find my fonts disc because I am having problems finding the same ones I used for the original books.

So today we were following a police car as it wended its way through The Groves in York.
A cyclist cycled down a one way street the wrong way with no lights on right in front of the aforementioned police car. Then, at the roundabout, the police car nipped out in front of another car. The other car flashed him. Two crimes within 5 minutes of each other in front of a police car that did nothing about them. Which led to my wife and I discussing about not having lights on bikes (They had a crackdown three years ago for about a month then things went back to normal.) Especially after the accident I saw last night. An adult cyclist was riding on the path on the wrong side of the road in the dark with no lights on and pulled out in front of a car which was just pulling out of a junction. The car hit the cyclist who immediately swore profusely and got angry with the driver. The fellow at the shop said the driver should have been more careful. I said the cyclist was breaking the law twice, no lights and riding on the path (on the wrong side of the road). My wife agreed with me but the man at the shop did not.
Lights cost a pound for one of each at the pound shop, £3 altogether with 10 batteries. It costs nothing to ride on the road. As a point of interest One of Each means fish and chips in York. So somebody could misunderstand me and think that I meant you could buy fish and chips and some batteries from the pound shop for £3!

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