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Monday, 7 January 2013

Will I have time?

I managed to write and type in 431 words of FAO short story 4. Have started proof reading Goblins Versus Yetis and am about a third of the way through. I have figured out that I will probably be able to finish FAO next month but will not have enough time to do another 4 short stories.

Nothing seems to have happened yet that I can comment on. Been to Leeds and to a couple of charity shops. While I was at the last one I saw a football PS1 game starring Ronaldo. In the paper today it said he was coming to London to study. The fellow in the charity shop said, "Is he going to pay for his study?"
I said, "Unless he has lost all his money and is coming here for free."
It has been said he's going to study advertising.
I wonder how people will treat him? They might treat him quite normally if they don't follow football. Now I don't follow football but if Patrick Stewart or William Shatner were going to do a degree in York...

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