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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Dead TV

I only wrote and typed in 100 words of FOA today, started off really well and then got into a TV dilemma.

Our newish PlayStation 3 came today so I was trying to make another shelf under the TV for it to stand on. I decided to look at the TV to see why the sound kept going funny.When trying to look at the insides of the TV my son came down and was really grumpy about the dog eating his chocolates. I had found them half open and rescued them. Why did he have to start moaning at the exact time I was trying to fix the TV? As it was I got so stressed that I accidentally broke off the just hanging on part that was for the sound. I rang the wife and told her, she looked on Tree of Mums, and put in an offer for a TV. We didn't get it. But then the original person who wanted it didn't turn up so we were offered it.
After a few hurdles we have a better TV and the PS3 set up. Now if my son hadn't wanted some chocolate at the same time as I was fixing the TV then we would have tried to struggle on banging the old one to try to get the sound to work. I will keep the small bit that broke off as a memento to our dead TV.

So now my blog is late and I haven't finished Tweeting and haven't written enough words. And, because the new telly is a flat screen, the cats are getting angry because the old TV was their favourite place to sit. At least now we won't get a ginger tail hanging down while we are trying to watch 24 on DVD!

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