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Wednesday, 30 January 2013


I have managed to write about 400 words of FOA today. Drew a little more of the android cover for it in Paint. Spent too much time re-installing windows etc on a new hard drive. At least it gets me back on the internet. Managed my Tweets on my wife's iPad.

Watched Ivanhoe while I installed the software on my PC. My dad was in Ivanhoe, but not the colour version. He met John Bentley at the Pier in Cleethorpes after the actor had performed in a play. My dad introduced himself as being in Ivanhoe with the actor. John Bentley had played Ivanhoe and my dad was in the crowd scene smoking a fag with a flat cap on at the back. John never came to our house for tea as my father expected.

Tried looking for the black and white version of Ivanhoe on the internet. It is not in John Bentley's filmography. However somebody else mentions a film that is not listed in the database that he was an extra in with john Bentley. Somebody might find an old copy and stick it in the list, you never know.

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