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Friday, 25 January 2013

Mivvied triple dip

Wrote 500+ words of FOA today as well as nearly 800 of The 24. Had a sugarless coffee with Ellie from the Leeds Uni Chaplaincy, she told me her sister is on Goodreads, I may have to sell something on there.

So the snow is bad, I have swept up three times but it just gets covered again. I bet if I sweep our path at 2 in the morning it will be nice and melted by tomorrow afternoon!!!

So we are probably in a triple dip recession, that sounds a bit like something that might happen in a mountain peaks race or something you put on an ice cream just after you score it with your scoop. Now if we only repented as a nation...

"Whew!" whewed Arthur with a kind of whewiness.
"Silliness if you ask me," asked Sid. Then rebuking me he said, "I did not ask then but possibly commented or even said."
Arthur was a bit miffed, not mivvied, which is a British ice lolly, (or possibly being attacked by a Mivvy.) "Are you going to listen or what?" he asked me as I ignored him.

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