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Thursday, 24 January 2013


"Is a funny word."
"Is not so funny."
"So what makes flubble funny and binkgo not?"
"Bingko is a little funny."
"So it's a bit like me then," said Sid the dwarf.
"You know, before that last sentence described you as 'Sid the dwarf' I didn't know who was speaking," said Arthur the King of the Britons.
"That is quite funny, a bit like me."

So I managed to write 500 words of FOA today at Leeds University. Changed my Wattpad and Twitter profiles. All Hallows was closed until next Wednesday.

Today was the day when a ball boy made the national news for withholding a football from a player and getting kicked or nearly for it. Now if it had been Ball Boy from the comic strip then Beano readers would have been up in arms about it. As it was Charlie Morgan's Twitter following went up by 84,000 after the incident! I wonder if I can get kicked by an international football star to increase my Twitter following?

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