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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ereaders down?

I managed to write 430 words of FOA today so far. Put OWIA 7 on at Amazon and it could be free by tomorrow (but probably on Friday.) Gave four of my advertising slips out. I heard that Amazon was flat over Christmas. Does it mean it had a puncture or that sales were down?

Is there going to be a backlash against the ebook? I saw room 101 the other day and John Craven suggested that ereaders be put down into the chute. A lot of the audience agreed with him. I don't think Frank Skinner did though, he liked the way he could fit hundreds of books onto it to read while travelling. But it shows that there is something going on that I can't quite place my finger on yet. Maybe it is Amazon doing the tax evasion thing in the UK that caused the audience to gleefully wish for the demise of the ebook. Maybe people do really prefer a real paper book. A paper book = a book about paper? Or maybe a newspaper book? Sales of ereaders were down and sales of tablets were up. I wonder what the chemists think about this?

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