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Sunday, 30 December 2012

FREE but not yet!

Have published 'Only When I Arth 6' on the Kindle, but it isn't FREE until tomorrow. In it we have Gob and Gilbier from 'Romancing the Drone' playing a little golf. We also meet a new character Twizzz, with three ZZZs, a half dark elf from Hackney. Have written about 3,500 words of the third Factory of Androids short story, it may be finished by next Friday.

 Played Lord of the Rings Risk with my son and lost badly!!!

Offered to play a game with him today but it looks like he's all gamed out. A bit like a hunter who's run out of bullets. (or a video gamer who's just done a 24 hour marathon challenge.) Mmm, a marathon challenge, sounds like someone who's just eaten 50 snickers bars for a bet. Ahh, for a bet, sounds like someone who's pretending to be posh going out side 'for a bet of fresh air. Fresh air, sounds like etc etc etc.

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