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Monday, 27 February 2012

Romancing the Drone part 7

“You have been very clumsy with all of your equipment in that dimension so far. Can I ask you why?”
“It is these darned rose coloured spectacles, I am still not used to them yet. They make everything appear safe. So when I go to park etc I misjudge it and have an accident.”
“If I remember rightly you parked the Arthmobile on a sloping roof last time, left the handbrake off and it slipped into an adjoining wall.”
“Yeas. I think I need a different tint for when I’m driving.”
“I think you may, do you need anything else?”
“X is having problems with my battlesuit. I could have used that to fly to Varangia.”
“As I said Arthur I am very busy. I cannot look at your battlesuit until the end of last week.”
“The dimensions aren’t synched properly, you are ahead of us. If you want to time travel…”
“That has been expressly forbidden for the first half of this book.” Arthur smiled weakly, “Never mind then, I’ll have to go by air. Goodbye Burt.”
“Goodbye Arthur,” said Burt as he cancelled the Arth phone’s link.
Down the Arthpole slid Sid.
“That was a nice slid Sid,” said Arthur.
“I suppose the Author wants me to say ‘slid Sid’,” said Sid.
“Well you did, if he wanted you to or not,” Arthur beamed.

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