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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Romancing the Drone part 3

N turned to a view screen on the wall and dimmed the lights. He played a film and started to explain the mission. “This is the F10N-A Surveillance drone. The most highly advanced drone yet developed by the Britannic Government. We have given it a form of Artificial Intelligence so that when it is not under our direct control it can think for itself.”

“So a bit like my wife then,” quipped Arthur.

“The drone was flying over Varangia and was brought down with a stray shot.”

“Where is Varangia again? I am not too familiar with countries and continents on the earth of this dimension.”

“It roughly equates with Soviet Russia on the real earth.”

“Oh that’s it, the Rus went into Russia, they were kind of Vikings. In this dimension it was the Varangian guard who did it, still Vikings but from Constantinople.”

“Very good Arthur, you do know a bit about this dimension.” N looked back at the screen, “Anyway, you need to make your way to Varangia, to the capital city, St Cyrilsburg, gain access to the CGB compound and retrieve/rescue Fiona.”


“That’s what the drone likes to be called.”

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