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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Romancing the Drone part 6

Beneath the castle was a system of cellars, bunkers and caves. They could be accessed by the poles in the study, via the cellar door and through a garage door hidden by fake bushes. Arthur had wanted something similar to a bat cave because both he and the Author liked the 60’s Batman TV series.

Gadgets galore filled the cave and a large ancient mainframe stood to one side, an ode to their heroes. Arthur called his gadget man in the superhero dimension via the interdimensional Arth phone, “Burt?”

The gadget man answered, “Yes Arthur, I am busy so you will have to be quick.”

“Is my Arthmobile ready yet? I am finding it difficult to get around in this dimension. I have to use public transport and aircraft.”

“Since you crashed it at the end of the seventh book I have found it difficult to get spare parts.”

“I have not appeared in the seventh book yet, we are in the sixth book at the moment.”

“Oh, I must be getting my timelines muddled up. It’s still the same problem though, lack of parts.”

“What do you need?”

Some mini Tesla coils, you fried the last ones. They are top-secret and military personnel use only in this dimension. I’m surprised the IPP gave you permission to use it in the romance dimension.”

“I am a special agent for the IPP and so have a certain amount of pull there.”

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