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Friday, 24 February 2012

Romancing the Drone part 4

“How do I get there? X has not fixed my suit yet.”

“We will fly you to Hildanstan then you are to be dropped in by light aircraft near the town of Victensburg How’s your Varangian by the way?”

“Well seeing as I did not know where it was a few sentences ago, terrible.”

“Here’s a phrasebook, it should get you around.”

“Probably arrested more like.”

“Have you a better idea?”

“I could go transport to the science fiction dimension and get a translator transplant.”

“A bit lit a babelfish in Hitchhiker’s?”

“It is a translation device not a fish you can slice.”

“Fish, slice?”

“Yes, you know, a spatula?”

“You are off topic now Ha Ha 7, I have been given strict instructions, by the Author, that you are to use no interdimensional travel devices, for the first half of the book at least.”

“He is no fun. The last book would have been much quicker to write if he had let us use our battlesuits in that one.”

“His most successful book so far,” commented N.

“Once I have the drone how do I get out?”

“You will need to convince Fiona to fly you out, if she is in working order of course, which we suppose she is.”

“What if she is not in working order?”

“Destroy her and make your own way back.”

“What kind of gadgets do I get?”

"Just basic equipment I'm afraid, with your record of destruction the ministry will not let me issue with anything big."

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