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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Romancing the Drone part 5

“But this is supposed to be a spy book? People expect gadgets!”
“It is supposed to be a romance book, but If you want to pay for them out of your own funds then you can have as many as you want. You have a gold mine in a different dimension I am told.”
“How did you find out about that?”
“We are an intelligence service after all Ha Ha 7.” N shuffled some papers so that the last sentence did not run into the next one. “That’s all Arthur, make sure you are ready by 18:00 hours for your transport.”
Arthur nodded at N, who nodded back, then he left the office.

A Castle somewhere within commuting distance of TCHQ, with vines up the walls and roses in the borders. How quaint, romantic even.  “Hello dear, I’m home,” Arthur called to Arianne.
A servant came before him and curtseyed.
“Stop curtseying Smithers, you are a man, you should bow.”
“Sorry Sir, I’m not quite used to this butlering malarkey yet.”
“Have you seen Arianne?”
“She is at the opticians, she said she needed a stronger prescription because you were so hard to live with.”
“Hrumph,” hrumphed Arthur, “she should not be voicing her criticisms about me to the hired help.” Arthur started to walk over to a secret door in the study. On the way he flipped a bust of Julius Caesar open and pressed a button, the secret door opened. On the other side were two poles, one signed with the name ‘Arthur’ the other with ‘Sid’. “I will be in the Arth cave, tell me if she comes back.”
“Of course Sir,” said the butler, as Arthur slid down the pole into the Arth cave.

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