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Friday, 17 February 2012

War in the Precincts Part 15

“Never mind,” replied Millie, “I’ll use my IWT to get to my next job,” she twiddled the dials on her IWT and vanished into another time or dimension.
“That’s what we need,” thought the MP, “an Interdimensional Wrist Transporter.” He called A1 again.
“Yes MP?” inquired A1.
“Where is that IWT we confiscated from that rogue time cop?”
A1 glided over to a panel on the wall and pressed it. A compartment opened. The droid retrieved an IWT.
“Now A1,” explained the MP, “I want you to use the IWT to travel back into time to stop Grunkel getting out of precinct 13.”
“But MP, there is no time here, so how can I go back into time?”
“I see what you mean.” The MP thought a bit, “IWT’s must work here because people are re-routed here when they try to get to a time location that is too heavily traversed.”
“So use the IWT to go to a heavily traversed time location, then I will re-route you back here.”
“But MP, I may be re-routed here at the wrong time.”
“Time doesn’t exist here.”
“I do not understand.”
“Neither do I, the Author hasn’t thought this out properly.”

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